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Fifty Shades of Gray (Movie)

Yes, this movie came on while I was at home and couldn’t sleep. I imagine that. It came on after hours.

When I started watching it, I couldn’t help but see the strained acting on the film. Within the first five minutes I was laughing. it reminded me of Twilight. Yes I know it is fan pic of Twilight and I can see it. I kept want to yell at the characters, “Line…line” If you have seen RiffTrax then you will get that.

So anyway, there were parts that were a bit far fetched, but I have to say as the move picked up I found myself annoyed.

First that a girl would be interested in someone that dropped so many domineering lines as Mr. Gray did. And I’m sorry, but if I worked in a  Hardware store and someone came in and asked me for cable ties, rope, masking tape….I would so be keeping an eye on the missing persons column in the newspaper.

Dude is creepy! To say he’s a psychopath would be dead wrong, dude is a sociopath He has found his girl and will not let her go. It was like watching a tiger stalking his prey.

Of course I didn’t like the way the movie ended,my sister tells me it’s a lot like the book. I can’t get through the book, it’s painful.

And what’s with this bottom lip biting thing? I have read ten books with the female character doing that. What is it a direct hit to the pants of guys everywhere? I don’t get it…hello chapstick works wonders….

So I’m nit picking…I didn’t like the female actress of Ana, Christian Gray’s character was right on, but that’ll I am going to say about that.

I think I might have to buy the soundtrack there was plenty of great songs. What did you think?

I recorded and will probably watch it again at some point.

Reddit Gift Exchange

This past November I participated in my first Reddit gift exchange. I sadly didn’t get anything from my gifted or rematched gifter. I was angry upset and ready to throw in the towel. But a good friend and fellow blogger () told me to give a another chance. So I did. I didn’t get anything from my first gifted and had to be re-matched. Then I received two packages in the mail. Here’s my loot!

How awesome is that?

Then I signed up for the book exchange. My person emailed me a few times and I received three books from my list of to dread books on goodreads. I love them!


So if you are looking for something fun to do and are feeling charitable, then sign up. Thanks to eBay and amazon, they take care of the shipping and such, you just find out what your person likes and get them  gift.

Oh and I must say that I have bought gifts for all of my people. I hope they liked them.

Meet the Coopers (movie)

I love this movie. At first I thought it was going to be just another feel good movie about family life that it’s realistic. I was wrong I love being wrong

Diane Keaton was great in this movie, a bit like the character from “Because i said So”, it’s a cute movies. But Olivia Wilde, surprised me in this movie, She’s is gorgeous, I mean if I could have those eyes I would although stye would look weird on my face, but moving on. So the movie was real and fucked up, like all families right.  I’m being distracted. Okay so the characters in the move are real and can literally be anyone in society. That’s what i liked about it.

We all know of the perfect couple hiding the fact that they have fallen out of love and fighting what they think is the end. Then there are those that in the middle of typing to handle being the divorced parent. Add in sibling rivalry, dreams, and jealously this makes for a good feel movie on epic proportions.

There are secrets and lies for no reason, just because people think that the truth can’t be handled, even though we all know it is just made worse by being kept a secret.

Right?  We’ve all heard of the saying that the truth will set you free and it’s true, but a hard pill to swallow.

It’s a story about family and the struggles of new beginnings all centered around Christmas when the feel goods are at their peak.

And yes, Diane Keaton is wearing one of those ridiculous dresses that puff out…

A to Z Challenge


This year however, I am going to try do something different. I am a sucker for a good movie and lord knows there are some good ones out there.

Any ideas of what I should blog a to z about? Animals, books, cars? Or better yet, flower, countries or authors?

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