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Happy New Year!!!!

Sorry if you wanted to read about my New Year’s Resolutions. I have them, but the new laws going in to effect tomorrow are more interesting.

Let’s talk about how cell phones are going to illegal to use in the car as of tomorrow for IL drivers. This has good points and bad. Most drivers now days already have the hands free devices in their cars, but what about those that doesn’t. Those things are expensive and if they want them in the car so bad they need to have government issued ones. Wait that will just add to the reality that big brothers listening to what you say.

Another law that goes into effect is the punishment for using social media to collaborate a violent flash mob is six years instead of three. Wow is anyone else surprised by this one? I am I didn’t even know this was an issue in IL maybe in bigger cities. Maybe this sort of thing happens all the time.

So now 17 year olds can vote. Do you think they will?

Speed limit increase to 70 mph. This is a plus for the drivers that are going to be pulled over for talking on their phones.

What is the most outrageous new law in your state?

Another Day and Another Word

Another Day and Another Word.

Another Day and Another Word

This is the first time in a long time that I have been able to sit around at home and relax with my laptop and music in the background. My Boston Terrier/ Bulldog at my feet, Stinky, my fifteen pound cat at my side and Gizmo my shi tzu sleeping at the end of the couch.  We are all happy! 

Recently I have been busy helping out a family member with their little one. But back to what I love, writing. I am currently have at least ten manuscripts that I have finished. Yes they are all in the roughest form except one. So I am going to work on getting it edited and continue writing. 

If your like me, new ideas for that perfect ook hit you in the middle of the night, or even when your at work (which is mostly my case). I am super excited about 2014, this will be my year come hell or high water. I will conquer my writing fears and create a workable portfolio. 

What are your planes for the future? Also feel free to read my previous post to choose which story to post via my blog!!! I”m excited to see what you guys will pick. 

Choose one!!!

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Good Morning All!!

I just sat down and realized that I have at least 10 manuscripts completed, so now it’s time to share!! I”m going to list all the working titles I have and you let me know which one you want me to post an excerpt from…

1. Wandering Child
2. Jaded Proposal
3. The Girl from Bangkok
4. Someone Like Me
5. Fallen Angel Hidden Demon
6. Frost
7. The Guardian
8. Las Vegas Baby
9. Rag Doll
10. Black Dawn

Feel free to drop your answer here or at my Facebook page


<——This is gizmo. My fourteen year old shi tzu.

<img src="https://milesmv81.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/gizmo.jpg&quot; class="size-full" alt="

Dinner with friends tonight and visiting my godson! Can’t wait.

Christmas with the In-laws

Christmas with the In-laws

From the title of this blog I’m sure you have already guessed it’s going to be interesting.

For the last seven years I have done my best to accompany my girlfriend to the family dinner, which is usually about an hour away in Missouri or southern Illinois.

Yesterday we packed up and left for our destination, Wentzville MO. Once we arrived we were greeted by four tiny dogs and three cats at the door. They were nice enough. My favorite was a dog named Bean, who resembles a foot cushion. Yes, he’s that fat. Poor dog has peg legs. Back to the story, we were then greeted by her sister and husband. They were in the process of making the food. I think they got a late start. So we came in and mix and mingled. As the night progressed and more and more people arrived it was safe to say the house was too small.

Needless to day we made it work with an extra table that was set up, since there is no dining room. It was nice to see how tall the nephews had gotten.

The best part of the night was the gift exchange. We all drew numbers and the first person picked a present and opened it. When it was second person’s turn, they were allowed to take the first persons or choose a present. This went on for fifteen different rounds. The big prize was a silver dollar coin worth $25.00. It would increase its value greatly by the end of the year. You should try it.  

All in all it was a good time. The food an companty were good. Loved the cookies oh and Dave’s cheese ball. He has matered it!!

What was  your fondest memories?

Oh I also wrote down a list of all my novels/stories that I am working on….sixteen different projects fun fun.


This is my 2nd attempt at posting a blog here. Wish me luck!! I think I have it now.

Let me begin by introducing myself. I’m Mickey! Nice to meet you! I’m from the Midwest and like several thousand, even million people I too am an aspiring author.

What sets me apart from other writers is that I try to be realistic about my wrting ablity. I know I am not a great writer, I feel that I do have origninal ideas. I”m sure everyone else feels that way too. That being said. I have two Bachelors: Sociology and Psychology and I work as a Billing agent at a Nationwide water company. They weren’t lying when they said you don’t need a college education to get a decent job. But none the less I have it and I am currently going to school to get my third degree in English. I am hoping to be accepted to grad school later this year to pursue my MA. Keep your fingers crossed.

I know it’s been said before, but I have always wanted to be a writer. Not one of those serious, over analytical writer (sorry if you fall into this category, I respect your work), but just one of those fun loving and down to earth writers, like what I picture Shel Silverstein was like. BTW if you haven’t read him, you should! That being said I have read so much more than I have written. As I child I was consumed by the written word and would listen to books on tape, (I have a visual impartment). It has recently been corrected as much as it can be, but I still find enjoyment in listening versus reading. So then I began reading books a passion shared by my otder sister. However she is into more the fantasy world and me into the commercial and young adult fiction. This love of reading followed me to college but I was too afraid at that time to pursue a career in writing so I settled on studying people and how the interact with eachother. Sine most books deal with relationships, I figured I might as well get a grip on that first. It worked. I am now able to prove what I learned through my writing.

Now I haven’t been pusblished. I am hoping too someday soon. I have been working on a triology for the last three, no fivie years and it’s finally undergoing it’s last leg of editing. I can’t wait till it’s finished. I have my cover picked out and permission to use it now all I need is representation. I am actively seeking an agent right now. So we will see how that pans out. If it doesn’t then I will self-publish my work. So that being said I am in the process of gathering all sorts of information about self-publishing. Let me know if you know of any good sites!!

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