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Meet the Coopers (movie)

I love this movie. At first I thought it was going to be just another feel good movie about family life that it’s realistic. I was wrong I love being wrong

Diane Keaton was great in this movie, a bit like the character from “Because i said So”, it’s a cute movies. But Olivia Wilde, surprised me in this movie, She’s is gorgeous, I mean if I could have those eyes I would although stye would look weird on my face, but moving on. So the movie was real and fucked up, like all families right.  I’m being distracted. Okay so the characters in the move are real and can literally be anyone in society. That’s what i liked about it.

We all know of the perfect couple hiding the fact that they have fallen out of love and fighting what they think is the end. Then there are those that in the middle of typing to handle being the divorced parent. Add in sibling rivalry, dreams, and jealously this makes for a good feel movie on epic proportions.

There are secrets and lies for no reason, just because people think that the truth can’t be handled, even though we all know it is just made worse by being kept a secret.

Right?  We’ve all heard of the saying that the truth will set you free and it’s true, but a hard pill to swallow.

It’s a story about family and the struggles of new beginnings all centered around Christmas when the feel goods are at their peak.

And yes, Diane Keaton is wearing one of those ridiculous dresses that puff out…

Z is for Zoe!!

Wrapping up

My month long journey of blogging from A to Z, my final post is about Zoe Saldana.

Center Stage was the first movie that I had ever seen Zoe in and knew she would be around for a long time. Not to mention she’s flawless!!

Then she was in Crossroads with Britney Spears and Taryn Manning. The movie sucked, but it was a rite of passage for anyone that grew up in the 2000’s.

Drumline followed this, where she again showed off her dancing abilities.

For me, I lost track of her and it wasn’t until she appeared in Star Trek that she resurfaced.  Great movie!

Her most notable role is Neytiri, an Avatar. The movie was amazing and full of cinematography firsts.

Since this, she’s been in Guardians of the Galaxy, which is a hilarious film about a band of misfits that are thrown together and make history errr….save history from destruction.  Great soundtrack as well!

Apparently she is working on 7 upcoming projects, can’t wait to see what’s in store.

U is for UMA!!!

The first movie I remember seeing her in was Pulp Fiction, I previously posted the dance scene between John Travolta and her, which is one of the iconic scenes of the movie. Check it out!

GATTACA was the next film I enjoyed with her as the leading lady! It’s one of those great films that deal with the future in respects to one’s DNA.

It’s a great film.

Next she kicks butts and leaves little to the imagination in her hit action films as Beatrix Kiddo….or The Bride, in Kill Bill 1 & 2. They are working on a third installment, I bet if trumps the other two with gore!

And she can dance and sing too!! The Producers was a hilarious film.

She can play anything thrown at her.

What’s your favorite?

J is for…..AWESOMENESS!!!!

Can this letter get any better? I would have to say no. There are so many talented actors and actresses whose name begin with the letter J. Here is a list of my favorite!

Judy Garland was an amazing lady in her time and still today. She lives through her very talented daughter. She paved the way for great acting and singing with movies such as Meet Me in St. Louis, and most notably, The Wizard of Oz.

Then we have the wonderful Julie Andrews whose voice and acting captivated the world when she took on the job of keeping the Von Trapp family in line. Love this movie and watch it every year.

Jessica Lange gives me the chills when I see her creeptastic acting on American Horror Story. There is just something about this woman that screams frightening. She’s bulldozed her way through four seasons of the show and recently announced she was done. All her parts were amazing, but my favorite is still the first season.

Whoop Whoop, let’s give it up for Jada Pinkett Smith. I really enjoyed her on Gotham and just like Lange she announced she was going to step away from Gotham. This makes me sad, I really enjoyed her acting.

The Jennifer’s

One of my all-time favorites is the lady next, Jennifer Garner, who is so versatile in her acting. She can be anyone that’s what makes her so amazing. For instance, in Juno she was the woman desperate to have a child:

hen a crazy, determined lady in “butter”. This movie was highly underrated, it was an amazing film.

But my all-time favorite movie of her is:

If you’re a new to my blog, then I have to let you know I love love love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s an amazing talented woman. When I watched “The Poker House”, based on fellow actress Lori Petty’s life, I knew then she was going to be a star. She nailed the gritty reality of the situation.

Then we have Mr. Jeremy Renner, one of my favorite male actors, because he threw me for a look in the movie, The Hurt Locker. This movie was a cinematic masterpiece. His acting was on point and he delivered an award-winning performance.  He like came out of nowhere.

And I’m ending with a great actory from my teenage years and help me get through high school/ college, the lovely Julie Stiles

Ginger and Goldie

This blog focuses on two amazing actresses whose name begin with G, yes I am talking about the infamous Ginger Rogers and Goldie Hawn. Both of the women have paved the way by doing things their own way. For Ginger, working opposite Fred Astaire and mastering, if not topping, his tapping skills and Goldie becoming one of the funniest women on screen.

Here are few of my favorite Goldie movies!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrows pick!


Good times!!

I know I have been posting only videos latey, but there are some amazing people out there!! Please watch!!

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