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Review: The Fault in Our Stars : John Green

I just finished, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. This is the 2nd book of his I have read and I must say he’s very talented at what he does. He pulls you in and lets you explore the characters he’s written. I feel like I could walk in the Cancer Research Center at Barnes Jewish Hospital and find Hazel or Gus or even Isaac sitting in the waiting room. It’s crazy, but he captured the spirit of a terminally ill teenage in love.

It’s perfect. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I really enjoyed the characters and how they interacted. Thank you Mr. John Green!! 


The “call”!!!

On Friday at 5pm I received the “call” from Literary Agent and President of Serendipity Literary Agency in New York. I must say after we got the initial introductions I was beyond nervous. I pitched my novel. She listened and pointed out a problem in the first sentence. Yikes! But the good news is that I don’t have to send in a query letter. Since I was a finalist in the contest, I can send in my full manuscript to Ms. Brooks herself, thereby bypassing all the red type. This is such a great opportunity.

So again I was floored by this opportunity. I am super excited. But then reality hits me and I realize that I have a ton of work to do this week. Like homework and then re-editing my novel. Which for some reason this week I decided to remove the first 8 chapters of the story. I figured I could re-enter the cut chapters as flashbacks.

Back to the interview, so if you didn’t know let me be the first to tell you that she is very polite and kind. Honestly she reminded me of a roommate I had in college. So it was easy to talk to her, and staying true to myself I rambled. Which was something that I had sworn not to do.  But it led into the discussion as to how an Aerospace Engineer ended up owning her own agency. Well she told me that she worked in publishing writing Engineering books (I couldn’t even imagine doing something like that, it sounds painful) and then decided to do something different. So she took a chance and opened her own agency.

This was very inspiring to me. We also chatted about growing up in a visually impaired household and attending a bling school. Also about my college days and current situation. It was quite normal. She asked me to quote my experience with the Young Adult Contest. So here it is.

“This contest gave me, an unpublished author, and the opportunity to show the literary world my talent as a writer.”

Now what do you guys think? Too cheesy or not enough?

All in all I feel the conversation went well. Yes, I was nervous and overly appreciative, but hey that’s me in person. I wish I had been calmer, but what’s done is done. There’s only moving forward.  So wish me luck, I’m going to need it.


Such things are….

Good Morning all!!

Yes I am planning on doing the A to Z Challenge. I can’t wait till it starts. i am so ready for a change. 

A side note: I just finished Looking for Alaska!! Another AMAZING book!! Take a chance on it, you won’t be disappointed. Image

It’s that time of year when…..we BLOG!!!



Before I Fall Book Trailer

So here’s the trailer! It’s pretty interesting, although I picture the characters differently. it would make a GREAT lifetime movie!! What do you think?

Before I Fall : Review


I just finished one of the best books I have read in a while. I mean listen too! Since I only have one eye it’s easier to listen than read. But other than that the book was amazing!!

It’s called Before I fall by Lauren Oliver.

This book is AMAZING!! It’s about a girl that dies, but then has to re-live the same day for the next seven days.

It proves that everyone has a purpose in life and how one little thing you do can alter the universe and your fate. This book is really well written! I would hope to write a book like this!

Please take the time and pick it up. You won’t be sorry! Also if you have a teenage daughter, this is a great book for them to read. It’s full of everything kids go through these days!!


Settling In..

Well I moved a week ago and I am still trying to get everything in order. it’s not quite what I expected. I love the feeling of sitting in my office and being able to hear the going-ons in the living room. It’s fun! I don’t feel so isolated back here. Plus my office overlooks the back yard which is laden with wildlife and greenery. It’s so great. I mean what else can I say. I have a basement which allows me to have more room for packing things away for the winter, which i will be doing now that Spring is here. Or at least I hope. 

In other news, still no call from the agent. They have been changing offices and in the change lost my personal information. So they are going to call me this week. Wish me luck! I am getting a bit discouraged because they have rescheduled several times, but I guess that’s the way it worlds. I mean there are outside forces working against me here. Or that’s how I feel. 

As for the novel, I have decided to whack off the first eight chapters and start the novel from chapter nine. Then use chapters one thru eight as flashbacks. I think the story will be better. Besides my editor says to start a novel with some sort of action. What do you guys think

This week for school I have to write a short story that focuses on pacing, should be interesting. Plus I’ll be putting together my writing platform which is quite fun. 

Well that’s all for now. I’ll write something more substantial next time. 

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