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Yardsale Madness

The saying, “One mans trash is another mans treasure,” is so true when talking about yard sales.

This is the 2nd Yard sale in the past two weeks and I hope that we get rid of a lot of stuff. Susie was a collector of fine china and anything that was dark blue. Going through and pricing her knock knacks was hard, but was needed. It was also interesting to see what she had. Ee found green glasses made on the depression and even a plate in memory of JFK.

I guess it was a good though we made about 700.00 altogether. There we’re three people’s stuff included.

Christmas Already??

So the girl I sot next to at work is o obsessed with X-mas. See the lively countdown. She’s super excited about play the jingle and merry tunes of the Holiday.

This holiday use to excite me, but mow I’m very apprehensive about it. Things are going to be hard without Susie.

In other news I am prepared with lists if goodies I’m gonna get everyone!!



New phone

So I have seen so many good and bad things about the iphone 6, but one article caught my attention. It posed the question, do you really need a nee phone?

This is the question I have asked myself every time I see an ad for a new phone or computer. Truth is, I don’t.

I have a good phone, iphone 4s works like a charm. Its fast and reliable. I have a hp touchscreen computer, its alright I am currently saving for a macbook. I hate buying a computer every two or three years. So I think because the mac is so reliable thats what I am going to get!! Plus they have stickers! I love stickers!

I know I have been on a blog break for a few months , but i have gotten things sorted out! I’m back!

She rocks!!!

I’m not a poet, but took a chance!

It’s that Time

It’s that time of year again when the cool winds of the North begin to whistle through the trees, reminding us to finishing up those projects around the house before the winter freeze.

It’s that time when festivals and craft fairs pop up all along the river road, beckoning us to buy handcrafted food and knick-knacks.

It’s that time for beer and brats, friends, and s’mores around campfires glowing warm with the anticipation of Halloween.

It’s that time when Mother Nature can’t make up her mind and sends snow flurries, sunshine, with a bit of wet, no freezing rain all in one day.

It’s that time to snuggle beneath warm blankets while refusing to turn on the heat, so the stove is used to heat the house.

It’s that time when frigid air blows strong against your bundled face as you try to escape to the safety of a nearby building.

It’s that time for green, red, and white, to appear everything dotted with multi-colored lights of Christmas.

It’s that time to start counting down the days till Ole St. Nick stops by the house dropping off bright colored packages for every “good” boy and girl.

Its’ that time of year to make a cup of hot chocolate with lil’ marshmallows floating at the top and hold your loved ones dear while you watch the snow fall ready to tackle the coming year together.


Grad school started.
Its hard to stay motivated.
This winter is going to be brutal.

Not much to say.

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