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Reading Rainbow Revived!!!

This was my absolute show when I was a child and inspired me to read read read and then read some more.

This man changed my life with the realization of books. I can’t wait to see the new show!!

Thursday Rant

Okay so what is the deal with the education community giving out honorary doctorate degrees? What is that really teaching society? Here be a drop out and become a socialite and rich and you don’t have to earn a damn thing.

I get that school need money, but High schools and junior high need money. Not colleges. There are a ton of them and they are becoming more about money and less about the quality of their education. Do you know that there was a teacher at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville that told a student they shouldn’t be allowed in college because they were in a wheelchair? HELLO!! But there was nothing the student could do but file a complaint and be ridiculed by the teacher in class. He had tenure.

This is just one example, I’m sure there’s a lot. On a personal note my girlfriend had THREEE classes left before she got her bachelor’s degree from the same school and a teacher told her that she wouldn’t be able to do the work. She quit because she believed the woman. Man if I ever met her in a dark alley! This has continued to affect her.

So the moral of this message is get back to the basics! Give people a fighting chance and quit giving out honorary doctorates to people to get money for you damned school. LAME!

Late nights!!

Since I don’t have to work tomorrow I decoded to stay up late and play the sims! I forgot how addicting that game is. Off to bed now!


Losing my way!!


Ever feel like you’re on the right path an then something comes along and slaps you off the that said path into a pool of quick sand. Or at least it feels that way, because whenever you try to get back on that track something prevents you. I know, I know it’s called life!

But sometimes I just wish life would ease up!

Now I love living and wouldn’t change it for anything, but sometimes it’s just plain hard.

Okay so I was doing well on this diet, well lifestyle change, because that’s what it really is. This week has been RUFF! I was excited about started Zumba this week and guess what, I messed up my back. I can’t even say I did it doing something cool. I stood up and did it. I can barely walk.

This brings me to the next even of my life. I had tickets to go see Danity Kane, yes that group that P Diddy put together on Making the Band. So I had to go, this was planned for months. I went! I had a good time, minus the pain of my lower back. But at some point in the night I must have jostled my back the right way, it feels a bit better!!

Now I lost my debit card. Yeah, it’s a fantastic day thus far. And I’m out of checks. I’m supposed to go to the chiropractor today. How awesome is this? I mean I have to go. I hope they bill me.

As for writing, I am such a slacker. I am only on Chapter Thirteen and I have twenty chapters left. Sheesh what am I doing with my time? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I mean I am a serious writer, right, what am I doing wasting time with reality television shows and siting on my butt! I need to be out enjoying the sunshine and life. I can do it. I can. I am going to have to stop waiting on people to go with me and do it myself. It’s just how it is.

So wish me luck to find peace, serenity, and direction. All three I need.




Last night!

Last night I went to see Danity Kane, They are down to three members, but it’s pretty AWESOME!


I heart Charlie Day!!

Just watch!



So I am going to do this one day!! Lip Dub to music!! Watch the dad he’s hilarious!!!


Good times!!

I know I have been posting only videos latey, but there are some amazing people out there!! Please watch!!



I had to post!! I always wanted a kangaroo!!!


Monday Monday Time to start to Kickstart your day!!!

Here’s a video of encouragement from my Health Coach Ginger! She’s an inspiration to me and hopefully all of you!!

P.S. I’m still editing Someone Like Me…uggghhh it’s taking FOREVER!!!

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