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Morning Music

Miranda Lambert/Carrie Under Somethin’ Bad

Catching up…


Life sucks. I mean that’s plainly put. I have no desire to do anything. I di find a new book idea and told myself I could only write it if I get my previous project completed. I plan on finishing it today. It’s called Someone Like Me originally titled The Girl from Bangkok. Which do you guys like?

At one time I knew of this title website where you put your title in and it told you the probability of it being unique. Anyone know what that’s called? It was fun. It helped me come up with Jaded Proposal.

I graduate in July, but it’s bittersweet. I have no joy about this or the 4th of July, or Christmas. I am actually dreading Christmas this year. I think I am going to boycott it this year.

Among other things her condo is cleaned up and out and we have most of the furniture at our house. A constant reminder, but a good one. Since she was goin to move in with us we have the house how she wanted it.

On the day job front, being that Cathi and I weren’t legally hitched (even though it wasn’t legal at the time) I didn’t get any bereavement time. Therefore I had to use what was left of my personal time. So here’s hoping that the next six months are a breeze.

Well that’s all for now.

I found this funny guy on youtube yesterday. Click the link for a laugh!

Sure is hot outside!

I decoded to take my usual lunchtime walk and man was it hot. But I am loving it!!☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

I am hoping to get some work done on my novel! Keep ur fingers crossed!!!



This is how I feel today!!


Hump day Humor


Rainy Day and missing Susie!!

Today I am writing because I need to not because I want to. I miss my mother in law dearly. She meant so much to me and I know I have been writing about her a lot, but she was remarkable. You know the kind of person you meet for the first time and have that instant connection. We could and did talk about everything. I called her over hangnails and bruises. She called me about looking up things on the internet. So it sort of worked out. Right?

Well today I listened tot he song, Words by Skylar Grey and it made me cry while I was at work. The song was only three minutes so I didn’t cry long, but the words hit home. if you get a chance listen to it. 

Now time for accountability. I have a weight loss competition that ends this week and lets just say Id didn’t win it. I mean I may have gotten the points down, but my weight loss journey plummeted last week. I’m an emotional eater and I have eaten a TON of food. However, I have lost inches. I wished that counted. But alas it does not. So I am going to focus on small portion for the rest of the week also sleeping with my mask. Oh and coffee more coffee.

In other news, we have a new deck, I’ll post pictures later. I jsut hope it lasts long enough to stain and actually use. Susie would have been proud. Another lovely place I will be hanging out for the summer. Now to get a grill….

I will start writing on Someone Like Me again tomorrow. I have to get it finished and into the agency before they assume I forgot about them. I think I will also send an email explaining my predicament. Well not really predicament, just me being a slacker I guess. 

In other news apparently there were two more shootings today. I guess everyone is getting trigger happy. I wonder if there were guns would crime go down? I mean think about it. You would have to be pretty creative to kill other people. What do you think? Guns are so instant. 

Well that’s all for today, I’ll try to write more tomorrow. 

P.S. I saw Kick Ass 2 and wasn’t that impressed. I mean I was let down. Have you seen it? What do you think? 

Life after….

Back at work and don’t know what to do. I mean there’s work of course, but something it’s right. Oh yah that’s right Susie’s gone. Gone, I can’t believe I just wonted that. I mean it feels like she’s on a vacation somewhere and she’s coming back. Not that she’s…gone…it happened so fast. I didn’t get to say goodbye to her. I loved her so much. She was like my mom, 2nd mom.

I use to call her about three to four times while I was work. I just miss her so much. I hate work, it reminds me of her, but I know she’d want me to stay. She would say, “Suck it up lady, at least you have a job.”

She’s right, but I am starting small.

God I miss her so much!! What am I gonna do?

Live…I know…one day at a time. That’s all I can do now. 

With Life there comes Death

This weekend I had the privilege of watching my friends two year old son for three days while she went to the hospital to have her second child. I played, colored, watched Bubble Guppies, and even built lego castles.

In the background of that my partner was nursing her sick mother.

I left my friend’s house and went home was there for five minutes to unpack and then went to the ER. My mother in law that was released the night before was back with kidney failure.

I spend the rest of my weekend in and out of the hospital. She wasn’t getting better and died this morning  at 9:22am.

So with life comes death.

RIP Susie Walker, I love you forever and thank you for believing in me. 

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