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My short is due tonight at midnight. Wish me luck!

Monday Woes!!

Okay I have a problem and I have 8 days to fix it!! Here it is,

I have entered into a Short Story challenge with NUC Midnight LLC. Its a fun contest, but it seems like every year I get landed with Historical Fiction.

This year I even prayed about it, but was still stuck with it. So I don’t even know where to begin. The other part of my assignment has to include a shoe shiner and then moving to a new city.

First I think of Mew York City and then I think of the Titanic. But O am sure that everyone in my group of twenty is going to write something about that. Then I thought of the stock market crash. So I think I will use this event to center my short story around.

Also I had to write a story based off f the movie “Moonrise Kingdom”. I’ll have to post it on here soon!

In other news I have lost ten pounds since the start of the nee year. Go me!! I have a long way to go! Wish me luck!!

Happy Happy Saturday

Okay so I failed to keep my Blog promise and post two to three times a week, but that being said it is a new week. Well almost.

This is going to be short and sweet as I am at work. What you think about Sleater Kinney’s new song, “No Cities to Love”!

Check it out!!

Productive Saturday!!

So today was sort of productive. I got up at 8:30 thanks in most part to my dog having to go out. Then I made breakfast (microwaved two waffles and ate a banana). Most of my day was spent mapping out a rough draft for my literary analysis paper that is due tomorrow. Its still a work in progress. I chose to free write this papers so I need to clean it up cite a ton of stuff. You know how it is, the life of a student. I swear I could be a career student. I love learning so much. I also love the structure that school brings to my life. I guess I am a routine person. I am a Virgo afterall.

In other news next week I start the short story challenge. I am very excited to do this. This is will be the second time I have participated. The first time I was way under experienced than I am now. I’m not saying I’m going to win, being that my grammar still sucks, but I have some pretty nifty ideas.

I also start an eight week long weight related challenge at work. I am so not looking forward to this. When it comes to challenges I tend to start out strong but then my energy fizzles out by the 2nd or 3rd week. Anyone else have this experience? I guess I have to keep it interesting.

I was thinking of having guest bloggers any idea of what questions I should ask?

Well I guess that’s all for now. Live long and prosperous.

A new year…..

I wanted to come here and write something magical and full of wonder, as quoted by the cat in the hat, but sadly that is not the case.

I was trying to come up with a writing schedule for my blog. Any ideas? I was thinking of trying to post twice a week versus once every two or three weeks. It’s hard to find time. It’s not like I am super busy. I’m not. Like last night I went home and snuggled on the couch and did homework and watched movies. BTW the Equalizer is an AMAZING movie. Ever seen it? ¬†Go Denzel!!

We also watched, As Above, So Below.

I don’t know how I feel about this movie. It’s quiet jerky and full of accents that was muffled with all the screaming and dead bodies flying everywhere.

By the end of the night my girlfriend and I decided that if there was a fight between Liam Neilson and Denzel, we would have to go with Denzel. He can kick some serious ass!

So I have worked out everyday since I put together my treadmill, minus last night. I took a break from the AB challenge and the Squat challenge. We are starting a challenge at work on Monday so that’s going to be fun. Right?

In other news I had to read six short stories written by some of America’s finest: Herman Melville, Henry James, and Mark Twain.

I signed up for the Short Story Challenge held by NYC Midnight and I plan on doing the blog challenge.

What about you? Have you watched any good movies or read any good books?

Happy New Year!!!

So its that time again! Can you believe it? In someways I feel like I am in the same place as last year. However that is not the case. I am another year older and another year wiser. This year has taught me so much about life, live, and the pursuit if Happyness.

No resolutions this year instead I am going to focus on the picture challenge and post a picture of something everyday that makes me happy! We shall see how this works.

Wish me luck!!!

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