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Fifty Shades of Gray (Movie)

Yes, this movie came on while I was at home and couldn’t sleep. I imagine that. It came on after hours.

When I started watching it, I couldn’t help but see the strained acting on the film. Within the first five minutes I was laughing. it reminded me of Twilight. Yes I know it is fan pic of Twilight and I can see it. I kept want to yell at the characters, “Line…line” If you have seen RiffTrax then you will get that.

So anyway, there were parts that were a bit far fetched, but I have to say as the move picked up I found myself annoyed.

First that a girl would be interested in someone that dropped so many domineering lines as Mr. Gray did. And I’m sorry, but if I worked in a  Hardware store and someone came in and asked me for cable ties, rope, masking tape….I would so be keeping an eye on the missing persons column in the newspaper.

Dude is creepy! To say he’s a psychopath would be dead wrong, dude is a sociopath He has found his girl and will not let her go. It was like watching a tiger stalking his prey.

Of course I didn’t like the way the movie ended,my sister tells me it’s a lot like the book. I can’t get through the book, it’s painful.

And what’s with this bottom lip biting thing? I have read ten books with the female character doing that. What is it a direct hit to the pants of guys everywhere? I don’t get it…hello chapstick works wonders….

So I’m nit picking…I didn’t like the female actress of Ana, Christian Gray’s character was right on, but that’ll I am going to say about that.

I think I might have to buy the soundtrack there was plenty of great songs. What did you think?

I recorded and will probably watch it again at some point.


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