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New Song Wednesday!!!

Time for changes!!

I was super tired when I got up this morning, mostly due to my partner have a strange bout of insomnia. It’s crazy how your use to sleeping next to someone and when they aren’t there you can’t sleep.

For the rest of the week I have to work 6am to 6pm so I know my weeks going to suck. If I had a clear cut job description my life would be easier. But I do not. That’s because I work for a company that uses its employees like robots.

I work in the billing department and it means I should spend all day working on bills, but that’s not the case. I have to answer phones, emails, look up information between three different computer programs. It’s craziness. i feel like I am fighting a battle I cannot win. Therefore I have made the decision to look for a new job.

I have been hoping that the job would get better over time, but it’s only gotten worse.

I have three Bachelor’s degrees and I am currently working on a Master’s of Arts in Creative Writing, so I have options. Here’s hoping I find something I love doing.

It’s Friday

As I look back over the week I think I have made a few changes. These are my accomplishments:

I blogged more than once

Went on a few walks 

Started writing fan fiction


So this is what I’ve done. 

What about you? 

I will aim higher next weeker!

Humor Post for the Day!!!

Finding Carter


So this is a new show on MTV and I am bummed about it. I thought it was going to be really good, but I think there was a push to rush production and that left me with tons of questions unanswered. Not that obvious questions. 

Just the whole concept doesn’t make sense. i am going to continue watching it and I am sure just like the Lying Game it will get better. I am not too keen on the actors chosen to play the parts and there just seems to be a disconnect going on with a few of the main characters. 

Also what about police procedure? Did anyone even check into what happens when a lost child is found? I mean it seems like the girl leaves with her biological family the morning after. I mean does that even happen. 

So I have researched the information and it seems a bit sketchy that this would happen. They want to put the kid back with it’s biological family but there are systems in place to prevent further damage to the child’s psyche.

So that’s all for now, would you watch it? Also look at my previous post and offer some advice is you’ve got it. 

Till then folks!!

Someone Like Me–Query

Hey hey, This is a query I am working on!! Let me know what you think, the good bad and ugly!!

Mali, a fourteen year old servant girl at the Red Moon Hotel in Thailand, never expected her life to change when she opened the door to greet a customer.

Mr. Hamel, an ex-military man, informs Mali that she’s been chosen to be reunited with her birth family in America. She always knew she was different, her straw-colored hair and light eyes made her an instant outside in a sea of darkness.

Reuniting with her family turns out to be harder than she expected. For starters she has sisters and even a new name to contend with.

Someone Like Me, is a 70,000 young adult story about a slave girl from Thailand doing her best to navigate in a brand new world and learning how to love and fit into a family that she doesn’t understand.  

7 Maladies That Will Sicken Your Writing

Great Tips!!!

Ramona DeFelice Long

RamonaGravitarThe body is a temple, a key to the soul. In fiction, a character’s body can reveal emotion and habits, but this can go awry. Below are seven body functions that can creep into writing in clichéd, ineffective, and colorless ways to weaken your prose.

  1. Respiratory Problems: Does your character take a breath before he performs a mundane activity, such as make a phone call, answer a question, or walk out the door? Does she release a breath she’s been holding, but never knew she was holding it? Does she take a deep breath before a more stressful activity, as if you are telling the reader, “Yes, she’s going to run into live gunfire, but she took a deep breath, so don’t worry, she’ll be okay!” Deep breaths are not force fields, and breathing is not a telling activity. The only time breathing is interesting is when a character…

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