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Catching Up

Have you seen the movie Cooties, with Elijah Woods? Hilarious. Check out the trailer!!! It’s a must watch if you like the same humor as Shaun of the Dead!!

Have you watched the BBC’s Vicious with Ian Mckellan? It’s one for the books! I tell yeah, it made me laugh so much. I wish I lived in their apartment bundling!!! Never a dull moment!!!

And books….let’s see I am currently reading a book of World War 1 poetry…..it’s very enlightening and makes me angry.

What have you been up too?

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Friday Fun day

Cat pics!! Dog pic!!


I Fogot!!

I forgot to post this!!

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New Love

I was talking about pens with a co-worker and she showed me an AWESOME fountain pen!! I asked where she got it from and she told me Noodler’s Ink.

How come I have never heard about this place? AWESOME!!!

Now I have a reason to write letters again!!


Free ebooks – Good, Bad or Ugly?

Makes you think!!


Free eBooks - Good, Bad or Ugly?

Ok, this is going to be a heavy-on-the-writing-and-marketing type blog post, so if that’s not really your thing maybe you could read this post (about me being awkward at parties) or, if you’re looking for something a bit darker, this one (about a real-life unsolved murder case)…

Still here?


Let’s talk about free stuff.

So this all started the other day when I realised how many ebooks I’ve got which I downloaded when they were free, but which I’ve never actually read.

I mean, I’ve read some of them obviously, but nowhere near the majority of them. This got me thinking about free ebooks in general, and whether this is a good approach for an author.

Anyway, there has been a lot of debate about free ebooks, but it isn’t something I’d ever really given much thought to as I’d never intended to make any of my books completely…

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I went downstairs to do laundry and find a two and a half foot snake skin hanging on the wall from the   rafters. 

How do you catch a snake? Oh and theres a spider too! 


Fun Fridays~~~

Today marks two weeks since I hit upload on my novel. Woot…Sales are stead at 1-2 a day and steady.  I cound this a victory. It’s a hard business to break through the reader barrier. So we shall see.

But I wanted to step away from business and discuss fun! We all need a break right? Here are just a few Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync battles to break up the monotonous of your day!

And BOOM Harry Potter can rap!!!



Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 58)

Cute, I need to send a pick of my two monster kitties.

I Liked Harper Lee’s “New” Novel

Great review on this novel…I am going to have to check it out!

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

While watching an old episode of The Good Wife on Amazon Prime the other night, Alicia Florrick commented that To Kill a Mockingbird (1960) made many lawyers. It reminded me that I had recently read Go Set a Watchman (2015), the newly released “prequel” to that classic and monumental American novel by Harper Lee. I know there’s been a lot of controversy about the publication of Go Set a Watchman and much discussion about whether or not it is a “good” novel.


I’m going to stand on my own and say that I sincerely enjoyed Go Set a Watchman, and I saw value in its message. Many have lamented the fact that Atticus is a racist in the novel, and that it isn’t as well written as To Kill a Mockingbird. However, it is extremely well written, even if somewhat like a draft, and Atticus’s faults make sense…

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