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Z is for Zoe!!

Wrapping up

My month long journey of blogging from A to Z, my final post is about Zoe Saldana.

Center Stage was the first movie that I had ever seen Zoe in and knew she would be around for a long time. Not to mention she’s flawless!!

Then she was in Crossroads with Britney Spears and Taryn Manning. The movie sucked, but it was a rite of passage for anyone that grew up in the 2000’s.

Drumline followed this, where she again showed off her dancing abilities.

For me, I lost track of her and it wasn’t until she appeared in Star Trek that she resurfaced.  Great movie!

Her most notable role is Neytiri, an Avatar. The movie was amazing and full of cinematography firsts.

Since this, she’s been in Guardians of the Galaxy, which is a hilarious film about a band of misfits that are thrown together and make history errr….save history from destruction.  Great soundtrack as well!

Apparently she is working on 7 upcoming projects, can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Y is for Yael

Okay you may not recognize the name, but if you watch the hit show Orange is the New Black, then you’ll know who she is…

She plays the on and off again girlfriend of Natasha Lyonne and dreams of the fifties style life. She’s quirky, witty, and a bit psycho, but that’s we I love her so much.

Who’s your favorite ONB character?

X is for????

i got nothing!! Does Xena count? 


W is for Woody and Will

Just a few of my favorite movies!!

V is for Vince and Viola

If you haven’t guess from the title I am talking about Vince Vaughn and Viola Davis. They are bother very talented actors. Vince does mostley comedy and Viola mostly darama. Both have gained alot of popularity over the last twnenty years. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Four Christmass:

Fred Clause

The Internship

The Help

Won’t Back Down

How to Get Away with Murder, prime time show…..

U is for UMA!!!

The first movie I remember seeing her in was Pulp Fiction, I previously posted the dance scene between John Travolta and her, which is one of the iconic scenes of the movie. Check it out!

GATTACA was the next film I enjoyed with her as the leading lady! It’s one of those great films that deal with the future in respects to one’s DNA.

It’s a great film.

Next she kicks butts and leaves little to the imagination in her hit action films as Beatrix Kiddo….or The Bride, in Kill Bill 1 & 2. They are working on a third installment, I bet if trumps the other two with gore!

And she can dance and sing too!! The Producers was a hilarious film.

She can play anything thrown at her.

What’s your favorite?

Frankenstein Review

Wow, so I just finished Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and now wonder why I was afraid to read this book. Okay I listened to it, but still.

It’s nothing like the movies portray. You know the Mad Scientist piecing together a man in a hug dark mansion alone. Nope, didn’t happen. I love she insinuated how he looked without going into great detail. She was more interested in evoking a feeling and I have to admit she nailed. It.

I feel bad for the monster Frankenstein created. It’s not his fault that he is hideous or that he is even alive. It’s his creators fault. Not saying that eh killings were justifiable, but I can see how this can lead t intense anger.

What did you think of it?

T is for Talent!

Today I am going to discuss three talented women, Tina Fey, Tilda Swinton, and Mr. Tim Burton.

Tina Fey is one of the Comedic Duo. She’s opposite of Amy Poheler. Both ladies are hilarious and are great hosts for award shows.

Mean Girls was the first movie I’d ever seen with her in it. Hilarious! She plays a math teacher!!

This was followed by Baby Mama, which was another hilarious movie.

Let’s not forget her performance in 30 Rock, I miss this show.

It’s safe to say that she is one of America’s funniest ladies.

Moving on, Tilda Swinton tends to be a more serious actress. Some of her previous roles include the arch angel, Gabriel in the movie Constantine and The White Witch in the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

I also have to mention director Tim Burton whose dark movies are always a nice addition to the box office.

Movies such as Big Eyes and Dark Shadows, take it’s viewer on a trip to the dark side.

I have to admit I really enjoyed his take on Alice in Wonderland, but not his Willy Wonka. I am biased to the older version.

Don’t forget his cult classics, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and Big Fish.

Which one is your favorite???

S is for Saoirse and Scarlett

Both of these actresses are acting chameleons! They can be comedic, serious, depressing, and even mysterious. They have even taken risks which in most cases wound up in their favor in the end.

I first saw Saoirse Ronan within the hit film, The Lovely Bones. Have you seen it? It’s an equally if not more powerful book. It’s about a young girl who goes missing and it’s later discovered that she was killed by a neighbor. It brings to question the idea of life and death and the bridge that connects the two. Not to mention the cinematography skills are amazing in this film.

Then she busted outs onto the scene with the movie Hanna, which if you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s awesome, I hope they make a sequel. Also another fun fact is that the Chemical Brothers did the music for the entire film. It’s filled with action and twists and turns in the plot that leave the viewer guessing what is going to happen next.

Then she was in the movie The Host, which based off of the book written by Stephanie Meyer, you know that chick who wrote Twilight. It was a decent film, but I felt it was lacking something.

Moving on to great and talented Scarlett Johansen, seems to have been acting forever. Did you know she has a music album out?

The first movie I remember seeing her in was Lost in Translation with Bill Murray. Great movie, very interesting concept too. This was followed by The Girl with the Pearl Earring, which I do believe I saw first now that I think about it…Anywho she can play anything you throw as her.

Then she stared in a great family film entitles, We Bought a Zoo!! Amazing movie, I mean I think almost every movie Matt Damon is in is an instant his.

Then she became an instant hit with The Avengers movies, making appearances in Captain America’s films as well.

She played a controlling woman in the comedy Don Juan.

Most recently she played in this sci fi film about being able to access 100% of her brain. Lucy? It was alright…

What is your favorite film by these ladies?

R is for Robert

To infinity and beyond…no wait that’s Buzz Light Year.  Iron man would no doubt say something obnoxious and sarcastic like, “psssh..the moon, “ Okay this is super weak.  But you get the idea. Iron man is a complete jerk, with a big heart. That’s why Robert Downing Jr. is the perfect person to play him.

I’ll admit over the years he’s had his bad days and then super drugged haze days, but I am a firm believe that people can change. I mean the mans been acting since the 70’s!

I especially love him The Avengers, but I’m biased to Captain America.

Stepping away from his super hero persona, lets discuss his other roles. Such as the ass kicking Sherlock Holmes! I mean wow, he was pretty amazing in this role as well.

But I haven’t had a chance to check out his newest movie, The Judge. Any one see it? Is it good? It looked good.

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