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The Avengers:Ultron, Spoilers!

I was not dissapointed in this installment of the Avengers. My favorite character temains to be Captian America! I thought Black Widow was gonna hook up with the Captian not the Hulk. 

I was so glad that Eagle Eye didn’t get killed. I mean he has all those kids!! I was sad to see the speedy guy die, but glad that his sister didnt die! 

I enjoyed the snide comments ans how easily it was to break apart the tight knot group! I enjoyed the action sequences, but they looked more like a video game at the beginning. 

Overall I give it a 5/5! What about you???

S is for Saoirse and Scarlett

Both of these actresses are acting chameleons! They can be comedic, serious, depressing, and even mysterious. They have even taken risks which in most cases wound up in their favor in the end.

I first saw Saoirse Ronan within the hit film, The Lovely Bones. Have you seen it? It’s an equally if not more powerful book. It’s about a young girl who goes missing and it’s later discovered that she was killed by a neighbor. It brings to question the idea of life and death and the bridge that connects the two. Not to mention the cinematography skills are amazing in this film.

Then she busted outs onto the scene with the movie Hanna, which if you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s awesome, I hope they make a sequel. Also another fun fact is that the Chemical Brothers did the music for the entire film. It’s filled with action and twists and turns in the plot that leave the viewer guessing what is going to happen next.

Then she was in the movie The Host, which based off of the book written by Stephanie Meyer, you know that chick who wrote Twilight. It was a decent film, but I felt it was lacking something.

Moving on to great and talented Scarlett Johansen, seems to have been acting forever. Did you know she has a music album out?

The first movie I remember seeing her in was Lost in Translation with Bill Murray. Great movie, very interesting concept too. This was followed by The Girl with the Pearl Earring, which I do believe I saw first now that I think about it…Anywho she can play anything you throw as her.

Then she stared in a great family film entitles, We Bought a Zoo!! Amazing movie, I mean I think almost every movie Matt Damon is in is an instant his.

Then she became an instant hit with The Avengers movies, making appearances in Captain America’s films as well.

She played a controlling woman in the comedy Don Juan.

Most recently she played in this sci fi film about being able to access 100% of her brain. Lucy? It was alright…

What is your favorite film by these ladies?

R is for Robert

To infinity and beyond…no wait that’s Buzz Light Year.  Iron man would no doubt say something obnoxious and sarcastic like, “psssh..the moon, “ Okay this is super weak.  But you get the idea. Iron man is a complete jerk, with a big heart. That’s why Robert Downing Jr. is the perfect person to play him.

I’ll admit over the years he’s had his bad days and then super drugged haze days, but I am a firm believe that people can change. I mean the mans been acting since the 70’s!

I especially love him The Avengers, but I’m biased to Captain America.

Stepping away from his super hero persona, lets discuss his other roles. Such as the ass kicking Sherlock Holmes! I mean wow, he was pretty amazing in this role as well.

But I haven’t had a chance to check out his newest movie, The Judge. Any one see it? Is it good? It looked good.

J is for…..AWESOMENESS!!!!

Can this letter get any better? I would have to say no. There are so many talented actors and actresses whose name begin with the letter J. Here is a list of my favorite!

Judy Garland was an amazing lady in her time and still today. She lives through her very talented daughter. She paved the way for great acting and singing with movies such as Meet Me in St. Louis, and most notably, The Wizard of Oz.

Then we have the wonderful Julie Andrews whose voice and acting captivated the world when she took on the job of keeping the Von Trapp family in line. Love this movie and watch it every year.

Jessica Lange gives me the chills when I see her creeptastic acting on American Horror Story. There is just something about this woman that screams frightening. She’s bulldozed her way through four seasons of the show and recently announced she was done. All her parts were amazing, but my favorite is still the first season.

Whoop Whoop, let’s give it up for Jada Pinkett Smith. I really enjoyed her on Gotham and just like Lange she announced she was going to step away from Gotham. This makes me sad, I really enjoyed her acting.

The Jennifer’s

One of my all-time favorites is the lady next, Jennifer Garner, who is so versatile in her acting. She can be anyone that’s what makes her so amazing. For instance, in Juno she was the woman desperate to have a child:

hen a crazy, determined lady in “butter”. This movie was highly underrated, it was an amazing film.

But my all-time favorite movie of her is:

If you’re a new to my blog, then I have to let you know I love love love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s an amazing talented woman. When I watched “The Poker House”, based on fellow actress Lori Petty’s life, I knew then she was going to be a star. She nailed the gritty reality of the situation.

Then we have Mr. Jeremy Renner, one of my favorite male actors, because he threw me for a look in the movie, The Hurt Locker. This movie was a cinematic masterpiece. His acting was on point and he delivered an award-winning performance.  He like came out of nowhere.

And I’m ending with a great actory from my teenage years and help me get through high school/ college, the lovely Julie Stiles

I is for Isla and Ian!!

Fist I have to say this is such a pretty name. Yes, I am talking about the lovely Isla Fischer, you know the bomb shell red head married to Borat…or kay the guy that plays Borat. I first saw her in the hit movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Super cute comedy that didn’t get the cred it deserved.

But my all-time favorite movie that she’s in is Now you See Me!! This is a great film about magicians and urban legends. I love it. It’s got the action, comedy, and great acting. Check it out!!

I must also give a show out to Ian Mckellan. I mean how could I leave out Gandalf!!! He’s fricken Gandalf, need I say more….but there is more.

He’s Magneto from X-men, great movies!! It’s one franchise I could watch forever!

And now he’s taken on Sherlock Holms!! How awesome is that?

Whose your favorite I actor/actresses?

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