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My Take on Ferguson (I’m 30 mins away)

So we are in week 2 of the riots in Ferguson. This area is less than 30 minutes away. John Oliver sums it up perfectly.

And it’s not going get better as was just shown on CNN when a police officer just forcibly pushed an anchor repeatedly.

Also the statistics are there with the number of people stopped by the police and even the man that was beat by five officers for provoking them. Ferguson will have no choice but to change.

I say gut the police force, fire the chief, put new people in.

I am talking to people at work who live there and they are afraid. It’s awful.

Am I afraid? Yes, violence can spread like cancer, just as silence can. Silence iw what the police has forced from its citizens and it was only a matter of time before it erupted into violence.

I highly doubt peace will come until the officer is arrested and they are doing their best to prolong that. Even though I am sure the police officer has probably offered himself up to the authorities. This is literately a world divided, I just hope something good comes of this!

Uncharted Territory

I would have to say for the record that 2013 has not been the greatest of years. Part of me wants to look up all the strange events that took place in 1913 just to compare.

This year alone I’ve lost my mother in law, dog, cat, and now quit possibly my job.

See I work for a major utility company, American Water, you may have heard of it. I use to joke about it being the Walmart of water companies. And again they have proven me right. A year ago the company decided to pour millions of dollars into a new Operating System entitle SAP. This system was suppose to streamline our operations and make work more efficient.

Here we are a year later, still backlogged, the call center portion can’t even meet their daily service level and they inform me yesterday that they are going to be laying people off.

Now they tell us this information without anything concrete, just that we will know in two weeks whose job is axed.

This coming coincidently a week after the company loses a class action lawsuit for changing out healthcare for no reason.

I can’t help but feel punished.

I am 4 up from the bottom of my department, where everything works by senority per our union contract. I consider my job obsolete.

What have I done for the company you ask? I have busted my but for them for the last six years! I have recently found $300,000 of missing revenue and volunteered to personal address each account. I have spent countless hours working mandated overtime.

But all that is done. I am looking for a new job and I WILL find one. One that treats their employees like people instead of machines. One that can take time out of their big wig jobs and walk around and see the hard work I am doing for them.

And they wonder why the moral is so low here? 

New Contest


I am posting this for you!!! 

You should submit some of your prose and poetry for this contest!!! 



Lucky Seven Challenge

So I saw this on Maggie’s page, I don’t know how to put a link in her to her blog, but she’s a regular. 

The rules are… go to the seventh page of your WiP, count down seven lines, then copy and paste the following seven lines to share with people.

So here it is:

            “Isis, you?”

            “Addison, do you know where we are?”

            She looked around and looked down at her clothes. “Fuck.”

            “Fuck what? What’s going on?”

            She got up and walked over to a blue flower and plucked it from the ground.

             “Were in Spain.” She said dropping the flower, as we heard a low rumbling noise. “Run!” she screamed.

This is from Book 2, Jaded Desires. 

Let me know about this small segment. 

My main character, Addison,  is having a flashback of her summer spent at a behavior modification camp in Spain. 

Media misinterpatations.

Most of us get our worldly news from the major broadcasting channels like CNN, FOX, or MSNBC. We all know it’s skewed, but we still watch it and gt upset by what they tell us over and over again. 

So this morning, this video was on my Facebook feed and it was very enlightening. I have heard about what was going on over in Israel and Gaza, but haven’t really understood it until now. 

So what do you think? 

Monday, Monday

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend, but now it’s back to the daily grind. What does that mean for me? 

Work 10 hours at my day job. Edit on breaks and in between calls. Possible gym after work, dinner, and bed. Sounds like a full schedule doesn’t it?

well this weekend I participated in the Black Light Run so I am worn out after standing around for three hours waiting for the race to begin. The Pre-party was fun and I am sure there are some hilarious pictures out there of me shaking my groove thing. But it was for a good cause. I love 5k’s. 

I am still continuing my quest for a treadmill and ibook. Oh and a stove, although the electric skillet does work well. 

Well that’s all for now. Have a great day.


Another 5K

Last night I participated in my first Blacklight Race. It was fun and my body is super sore this morning.


Waking from a deep Sleep.

Recently one of my co-workers read a piece of work that I have completed a few years back. It is in the process of being professionally edited and it’s a process. I feel that this is going to pay off in the end because the co-worker is an avid reader.

She knows the ins and outs of the reader world. So much so that she use to keep a spreadsheet of books that were coming out for the authors she read.

All of this boils down to her indirectly waking me from a deep sleep. I have been in said sleep since the passing of my mother in law. Nothing has seemed to be going right sense that date.

But I’m back. I am querying agents and also writing more. I feel like things are falling back into place, but at the same time falling apart again. But I guess that’s life.

You have to learn how to roll with the waves or punches life throws at you.

Human Fooseball

Dave wanna play!!!

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