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Blood of A Stone : Review: Advanced Reading

What a fantastic journey!

Let me begin by thanking Jeanne Gassman for writing such an amazing book and allowing me to read an advanced copy. Thank you so much!

Where do I begin! I guess at the beginning, this book took me on a biblical journey back to the New Testament world of sand, camels, and caravans. Back before the internet or even cars. Back to a time where freedom was a luxury most did not have, especially if you were poor.

It is here that we meet a crippled Gentile slave by the name of Demetrios who finds himself freed after years of abuse by the hand of his Roman owner.

Together with a helpful friend and slave by the name of Elazar, Demetrios finally begins his life. Along their way they have to make choices that affect where they end up going. It brings to light the importance of decision making and thinking before acting. Demeterious does not always follow Elazar’s advice and this lands them in some sticky situations.

Eventually Demetrios and Elazar become settled and begin working as caravan drivers and it is here that we are introduced to Jesus and his disciples. Gassman has created believable and real characters that I could relate too, which makes the story that much intriguing.

Gassman captures Jesus’s last days through the eyes of a non-believer, Demetrios perfectly. See, Demetrios believes in pagan gods, which is very common of Gentiles, which clashes with the Jewish belief in one god. This difference puts a strain on Demetrios’s and Elazar’s relationship and their friendship is tested several times.

In the end, Demetrios finds peace with himself after witnessing a miracle first hand by the hands of Jesus. He tries to spread the word, but by then it’s too late. Jesus has been arrested and charged with blasphemy. This part of the book is pivotal in that is shows the suffering of not only Jesus on the cross, but the other men on either side of him. This section of writing is very powerful and gave me chills reading it.

The story ends on a good note, with Demetrios finally being freed from the demons that haunt him and with the realization that miracles do happen.
Thank you so much for letting me reading your work of art. This is truly a masterpiece.

This book will be available this upcoming year, please check out the author’s website. it is filled with great writing advice and is updated regularly.

Jeanne’s Facebook!


Good morning!!

Last night I had the privilege of going to the movies to see Big Hero 6! I loved the movie! Sure there were a couple of hiccups but it was original and that was nice!

So new semester starts Monday ad am I prepared, that would be a negative! I am so not prepared! I meed to read and write a lot more!

Today after work I am going to go have a play date with my Haylie bug and we are going to color and play problems. Then I plan on going home, clean and the heading to my friend’s house to hang out, color and eat. It’s suppose to snow tonight. This will be great for tea and editing!!

So I plan on writing oh about 12k between now and Monday! Where are you? What are you listening too?


Music Wednesday

Good Morning All,

Today’s issue is about music an how much I am loving Taylor Swifts new music. Wait stop, I know what you’re thinking. Your thinking, OMG I am so sick of hearing about this girl, well let me give you some background information on how I GREW to love this artist.

It started one day when I was writing and listening to Pandora and Taylor Swift’s song’s began playing and I think it was “Change” on her first album and so I started ding research. I love to look up information on artist ect. Found out she was a song writer and had sold her songs to some big wigs in Nashville.

This was her break out album.

So then she came our with Fearless and I loved all of the songs, especially her collaboration with Colbie Calliat, Breathe.

Then Speak Now came out and I was so ticked that I didn’t make it to her tour for that one.

That was followed by Red, which I didn’t like as much as Speak Now, but it was still good.

Now we have 1989. I love three songs so far, Blank Space and Shake if off.

But my favorite is Out of the Woods, and oddly enough it’s not sung by Taylor, instead my favorite version is sung by Tyler Ward. What do you do think?

Blanket Bump

Check out these awesome blankets my friend makes. They are warm, fuzzy, and yes you can make them or buy them in the store. BUT you won’t find these cute patterns they are one of a kind!! 🙂


In other news I think I failed m theory class. i can’t write papers for this teacher, but for the other teacher I get a’s. I don’t know. I’m not going to take it personally. It’s just life. I might have to retake the class. I must work harder this semester. Wish me luck. Because of this my novel has been slacking, but I plan on fixing that tonight and tomorrow, I will be caught up. Watch and see!

Day 5

So I wrote 7000 words on my novel for Nano and realized that I want to change my story. So I am now playing around with ideas!!

I will let u know for sure if I change my current pace.

Tonights plans? Writing 20 pages worth of papers. Wish me luck! If there is any writing in me I might work on nano.

Hope all is well out there in the writing world!!

Monday Monday Monday

So this weeks was quite successeful I think.

Here’s a brief recap:

Friday night I got off work and went home ate supper and went to bed. i was too excited for Nano to start. The following day I got up and went to work from 6am to 11am. I returned home to find that the house was a wreck, so I cleaned ate, an finished homework before diving into day one of writing.

I was able to 1344 words before leaving and heading out to a friends in the country for a bonfire and chili. it was tasty good and I overindulged and had 6 glasses of wine. Yes I felt it in the morning. It was rough, but that didn’t sop me from writing. I made a strong pot of coffee and then wrote until I had to go to the store.

By the time I returned home i was time for my lunch date with friends. We chatted and made a Norwegian dish called noodles and sausage. We also watched this new cartoon on Disney XD called Gravity Falls. it’s quite hilarious and outside of what the typical Disney show is. I would check it out. It reminds me of Rick and Morty. I know right, I was shocked too, but if you like Louise from Bob’s Burger’s then you’ll love this show because she does the voice of Mabel one of the main characters.

When my friends left and girlfriend went to work, I started writing again and put on some background noise courtesy of Shrek an The Proposal. If you haven’t seen The Proposal, you need to. It’s a great love story with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock where she plays an Editor. It’s quite funny, here’s a clip.

Well it’s Monday and I have a full schedule: 2 20 page papers to edit and have ready to turn in on Sunday, plus nano writing and the start of a new semester of classes.

What’s your week look like?

It’s Time

Halloween was very quiet, I didn’t pass out candy this year. i worked on my homework thats due this week.

I got pictures from all my sister and their kiddos dressed up, this year they were Captain America, Mario, butterfly Princess, Monster high Girl, goth girl, ninja turtle, mike and sully and a cute fluffy elephant!!!

So when I get off werk in 31 mins I am gonna go home and write like a mad woman.


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