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Lucky Seven Challenge

So I saw this on Maggie’s page, I don’t know how to put a link in her to her blog, but she’s a regular. 

The rules are… go to the seventh page of your WiP, count down seven lines, then copy and paste the following seven lines to share with people.

So here it is:

            “Isis, you?”

            “Addison, do you know where we are?”

            She looked around and looked down at her clothes. “Fuck.”

            “Fuck what? What’s going on?”

            She got up and walked over to a blue flower and plucked it from the ground.

             “Were in Spain.” She said dropping the flower, as we heard a low rumbling noise. “Run!” she screamed.

This is from Book 2, Jaded Desires. 

Let me know about this small segment. 

My main character, Addison,  is having a flashback of her summer spent at a behavior modification camp in Spain. 


Comments on: "Lucky Seven Challenge" (2)

  1. Ooh, what’s the rumbling noise? And a behavior modification camp in Spain sounds like an interesting setting.

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