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So we are in week 2 of the riots in Ferguson. This area is less than 30 minutes away. John Oliver sums it up perfectly.

And it’s not going get better as was just shown on CNN when a police officer just forcibly pushed an anchor repeatedly.

Also the statistics are there with the number of people stopped by the police and even the man that was beat by five officers for provoking them. Ferguson will have no choice but to change.

I say gut the police force, fire the chief, put new people in.

I am talking to people at work who live there and they are afraid. It’s awful.

Am I afraid? Yes, violence can spread like cancer, just as silence can. Silence iw what the police has forced from its citizens and it was only a matter of time before it erupted into violence.

I highly doubt peace will come until the officer is arrested and they are doing their best to prolong that. Even though I am sure the police officer has probably offered himself up to the authorities. This is literately a world divided, I just hope something good comes of this!


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