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Uncharted Territory

I would have to say for the record that 2013 has not been the greatest of years. Part of me wants to look up all the strange events that took place in 1913 just to compare.

This year alone I’ve lost my mother in law, dog, cat, and now quit possibly my job.

See I work for a major utility company, American Water, you may have heard of it. I use to joke about it being the Walmart of water companies. And again they have proven me right. A year ago the company decided to pour millions of dollars into a new Operating System entitle SAP. This system was suppose to streamline our operations and make work more efficient.

Here we are a year later, still backlogged, the call center portion can’t even meet their daily service level and they inform me yesterday that they are going to be laying people off.

Now they tell us this information without anything concrete, just that we will know in two weeks whose job is axed.

This coming coincidently a week after the company loses a class action lawsuit for changing out healthcare for no reason.

I can’t help but feel punished.

I am 4 up from the bottom of my department, where everything works by senority per our union contract. I consider my job obsolete.

What have I done for the company you ask? I have busted my but for them for the last six years! I have recently found $300,000 of missing revenue and volunteered to personal address each account. I have spent countless hours working mandated overtime.

But all that is done. I am looking for a new job and I WILL find one. One that treats their employees like people instead of machines. One that can take time out of their big wig jobs and walk around and see the hard work I am doing for them.

And they wonder why the moral is so low here? 


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