A place to get away from it all and write….

Recently one of my co-workers read a piece of work that I have completed a few years back. It is in the process of being professionally edited and it’s a process. I feel that this is going to pay off in the end because the co-worker is an avid reader.

She knows the ins and outs of the reader world. So much so that she use to keep a spreadsheet of books that were coming out for the authors she read.

All of this boils down to her indirectly waking me from a deep sleep. I have been in said sleep since the passing of my mother in law. Nothing has seemed to be going right sense that date.

But I’m back. I am querying agents and also writing more. I feel like things are falling back into place, but at the same time falling apart again. But I guess that’s life.

You have to learn how to roll with the waves or punches life throws at you.


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