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It’s that Time

It’s that time of year again when the cool winds of the North begin to whistle through the trees, reminding us to finishing up those projects around the house before the winter freeze.

It’s that time when festivals and craft fairs pop up all along the river road, beckoning us to buy handcrafted food and knick-knacks.

It’s that time for beer and brats, friends, and s’mores around campfires glowing warm with the anticipation of Halloween.

It’s that time when Mother Nature can’t make up her mind and sends snow flurries, sunshine, with a bit of wet, no freezing rain all in one day.

It’s that time to snuggle beneath warm blankets while refusing to turn on the heat, so the stove is used to heat the house.

It’s that time when frigid air blows strong against your bundled face as you try to escape to the safety of a nearby building.

It’s that time for green, red, and white, to appear everything dotted with multi-colored lights of Christmas.

It’s that time to start counting down the days till Ole St. Nick stops by the house dropping off bright colored packages for every “good” boy and girl.

Its’ that time of year to make a cup of hot chocolate with lil’ marshmallows floating at the top and hold your loved ones dear while you watch the snow fall ready to tackle the coming year together.


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