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Another Day and Another Word

This is the first time in a long time that I have been able to sit around at home and relax with my laptop and music in the background. My Boston Terrier/ Bulldog at my feet, Stinky, my fifteen pound cat at my side and Gizmo my shi tzu sleeping at the end of the couch.  We are all happy! 

Recently I have been busy helping out a family member with their little one. But back to what I love, writing. I am currently have at least ten manuscripts that I have finished. Yes they are all in the roughest form except one. So I am going to work on getting it edited and continue writing. 

If your like me, new ideas for that perfect ook hit you in the middle of the night, or even when your at work (which is mostly my case). I am super excited about 2014, this will be my year come hell or high water. I will conquer my writing fears and create a workable portfolio. 

What are your planes for the future? Also feel free to read my previous post to choose which story to post via my blog!!! I”m excited to see what you guys will pick. 


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