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I is for Isla and Ian!!

Fist I have to say this is such a pretty name. Yes, I am talking about the lovely Isla Fischer, you know the bomb shell red head married to Borat…or kay the guy that plays Borat. I first saw her in the hit movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Super cute comedy that didn’t get the cred it deserved.

But my all-time favorite movie that she’s in is Now you See Me!! This is a great film about magicians and urban legends. I love it. It’s got the action, comedy, and great acting. Check it out!!

I must also give a show out to Ian Mckellan. I mean how could I leave out Gandalf!!! He’s fricken Gandalf, need I say more….but there is more.

He’s Magneto from X-men, great movies!! It’s one franchise I could watch forever!

And now he’s taken on Sherlock Holms!! How awesome is that?

Whose your favorite I actor/actresses?

Weekend in Review

Over the weekend I attended the fall celebrate and connect for my side business, Thirty One. They debuted a new product for the large utility tote. Which is AWESOME for shopping at Aldis, or any store for that matter. Then after that I attended a Tupperware party and won some awesome free merchandise. I also found a chopper or shredder thing that I really really want. So if you know anyone that wants some Tupperware, I”m hosting a party. Woot.

Other than that, I just worked on homework for the remainder of the weekend and managed to get in ten hours of sleep before the weekday began.

I also had the pleasure of watching X-men: Future Past. That one, ti was very cool to see how the incorporated actual footage and gave the JFK assassination a back story. Pretty nifty there. I am so confused about how Wolverine changed the past which affected the future. I mean Jean Grey is ALIVE how awesome is that.

So I wonder what they are going to do now?

A day late….X for the Men and Women Mutants of the world

No other franchise can compete with the world of the X men. I am suprised that there isn’t a world dedicated to them. Like you know at Universal Studios. I know they are lumped into the comic book world, but I want them to have a replica of Xavier’s house. How cool would that be? 

Okay so lets just say I started watching the X men when they were a cartoon in the 80’sImage

And then in the 90’s


I was a senior when I heard they were going to create a movie based on one of my favorites Saturday morning cartoons, I was more than excited. Yes, I stood in line for the midnight showing of the movie. It was awesome. I think I still even have my ticket stuff somewhere. 

And the franchise took off from there!!! Now there are at least four completed movies and two more in the works. There are even spin off based on the main characters, such as Wolverine, I think he has two or three of his own movies. You know like Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America of the Avengers. I think I would watch a movie based on Scarlett Johansen’s character. That would be cool. 



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