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Another Promotion

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Great stories are also listed here!!

First Video Post

Book Trailer

Check it out!! My self-published book has it’s own trailer. I didn’t make it, I wouldn’t know how, but let me know what you think.

Happy Birthday!!

It’s my birthday!! Woot Woot!! This is the first year that I feel somewhat accomplished. I am finishing my MA and just self published my book. How cool is that?

Woot woot!! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store. I am determined to keep my head up and I will succeed.

BTW if you haven’t had a chance to read my debut ebook, it’s Twisted Proposal by M.V. Miles and is on Amazon. I hear it’s a good read that keeps you intrigued!!!!

Feel free to share!!

Week 1 Sales 🙂 21 (I am okay with this).

final cover

It’s finally Happening

I am finally going to take the plunge and enter the world of self publishing!!! Wish me luck. Here’s a teaser of my cover and a snippet from the story. It’s a young adult thriller.

Twisted Proposal: M. V. Miles coming mid to late August. I’ll post a link to my author page in a bit.


“If I wanted a guy from the rich side of town, he was standing right in front of me. Flawless skin, perfect hair, and eyes that seemed to peer into your soul. No imperfections.”

The Game Plan

I woke up with my throat on fire, but I guess that’s normal being my tonsils have only been out for a week. I go back to work on Wednesday of this week. How much do I wish that writing was a full time job. Someday…I hope.

so here’s the game plan. I have completed everything I have on book 2 of the Jaded series. This is great because now I can focus on editing The Girl from Bangkok. I think this book has a lot of potential.

So I have about fifteen pieces wot completely gut and edit. I am up for the challenge. I have found out from reading Kboards that in order to remain popular you have to have a book out every few months or so. So I am hoping to at least have six completed and edited pieces before I publish book one. This will give me time to write more and edit as well.

What’s your game plan? Oh I also plan on participating in the Flash Fiction Challenge and Camp Nano again. I didn’t complete it last time, but I am determined to in July.

As per usual I plan on writing more on my blog and finding more followers. If you know of any blog challenges let me know. I would love to participate in them.

Out of Commission

So on Monday I had my tonsils removed and let me tell you, it sucks. I have been living off of beef brother, ice cream, and Popsicle. How sad is that? I am miserable and can’t swallow without wincing in pain. Also I have been popping pain pills like crazy. So I don’t even know what happens to the week. It like literally disappeared.

I am going to call my HR Dept to find out what I have to do to get back to work. It’s not like I am having a good time at home. I feel like I can actually do something.

So I am going to work on writing today and scaling back on my pain mes. No one likes to live in a haze. At least I don’t.

Progress Report

On the plus side I managed five days of working out!! Woot woot, thank goodness for exercise videos on youtube. I am still able to do my group exercises. This ia great because I don’t drive due to my limited vision. I also managed yoga twice this week.

I am taking the day off to watch some kids and I plan on attempted pilates and yoga tomorrow.

In my writing world, I focused on editing book two and thanks to The Kingsmen, the movie, I drafted nine novellas. How awesome is that? I love getting inspired by watching good movies.

I have been actively posting and interacting with lots of other indie publishers. I am learning alot, so if you want some free advice head on over to http://www.kboards.com. You can post questions and get real answers. Not saying that other forums aren’t but these people have published.

I have found lots of good advice about my cover, it has helped me alot. I plan on posting at least two blogs this upcoming week and eventually making a schedule of sorts.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading.

D is for Duchovny

David Duchovny is one of my favorite male actors. I especially love him in the hit show “Californication” where he plays an washed up, drunk, sexaholic, author whose recent manuscripts is ripped off by his ex-wife’s sixteen year old stepdaughter, who he had a one night stand with. Wow what a mouthful! Just and fyi, he doesn’t know that the daughter is sixteen when he sleeps with her.

This show is hilarious to say the least, but it also points out the low points that all authors share. Writers block, staring at the ever present blank, white sheet of paper or computer screen.

Here’s a clip from Season 1, which I feel is the best. By the way I want an agent like Hank!

And they just announced they are coming out with an X files REBOOT!! For those of you who don’t know Duchovny plays Agent Mulder.

What do you think of him?


All about me!!

All about me!!

First and foremost let me begin by stating that I am grateful to have readers of my blog. I have been trying for several years to keep a blog up and running. I think I have it.

For my New Media class at Southern New Hampshire University requires that I post a blog about me as a writer. So here it goes.

I knew that i wanted to be writer since I was a child. I would spend hours reading and then trying to create my own world. it was my pastime for several years. I just recently decided to pick it up again seriously. I love writing and creating worlds and people. I also love the planning aspect as well.

I plan on self publishing in the Fall and currently have a Facebook page it’s under M.V. Miles. So stop by and see what i”m writing about. It might surprise or enlighten you.

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