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Monday Monday Monday

So this weeks was quite successeful I think.

Here’s a brief recap:

Friday night I got off work and went home ate supper and went to bed. i was too excited for Nano to start. The following day I got up and went to work from 6am to 11am. I returned home to find that the house was a wreck, so I cleaned ate, an finished homework before diving into day one of writing.

I was able to 1344 words before leaving and heading out to a friends in the country for a bonfire and chili. it was tasty good and I overindulged and had 6 glasses of wine. Yes I felt it in the morning. It was rough, but that didn’t sop me from writing. I made a strong pot of coffee and then wrote until I had to go to the store.

By the time I returned home i was time for my lunch date with friends. We chatted and made a Norwegian dish called noodles and sausage. We also watched this new cartoon on Disney XD called Gravity Falls. it’s quite hilarious and outside of what the typical Disney show is. I would check it out. It reminds me of Rick and Morty. I know right, I was shocked too, but if you like Louise from Bob’s Burger’s then you’ll love this show because she does the voice of Mabel one of the main characters.

When my friends left and girlfriend went to work, I started writing again and put on some background noise courtesy of Shrek an The Proposal. If you haven’t seen The Proposal, you need to. It’s a great love story with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock where she plays an Editor. It’s quite funny, here’s a clip.

Well it’s Monday and I have a full schedule: 2 20 page papers to edit and have ready to turn in on Sunday, plus nano writing and the start of a new semester of classes.

What’s your week look like?


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