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Book Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chobosky.


I must say that I am quite surprised by this book. When I first laid eyes on it, the semi-thin bright green cover piqued my interest. Then when I saw that it was the movie that Hermionie Granger, aka Emma Watson was in I knew that I wanted to read it as well as watch it.

So I dove right in not even knowing what to expect. First I didn’t know if I liked the way the book was organized with the letter format, but it quickly grew on me. I found myself right there with Charlie when he told Sam that she was beautiful and in the room with Patrick and Brad. I found myself rooting for Charlie when he saved Patrick from the jocks and the felt the pain of rejection when he messed up with Mary Elizabeth. The best part about the book was that I didn’t even know I was being sucked in until I finished the book in less than six hours. And it happened to be the first book I have finished of the year. I can’t wait for there to be more. I am reading The Secret Garden on the Kindle, but back to the story.

I loved this book for so many reason. First that Charlie was such a unique character and they way he thought about things or saw things that people didn’t want him to see. It just made me like him that much more. I like the animosity of Sam and Patrick. It’s like he just randomly met them one day at a football game. They were always there from the beginning, but fate told them to take a chance on Charlie. And they listened and did.

So it’s going to be hard to find anything that compares to this novel, but I will do my damndest to try.

Before I Fall : Review


I just finished one of the best books I have read in a while. I mean listen too! Since I only have one eye it’s easier to listen than read. But other than that the book was amazing!!

It’s called Before I fall by Lauren Oliver.

This book is AMAZING!! It’s about a girl that dies, but then has to re-live the same day for the next seven days.

It proves that everyone has a purpose in life and how one little thing you do can alter the universe and your fate. This book is really well written! I would hope to write a book like this!

Please take the time and pick it up. You won’t be sorry! Also if you have a teenage daughter, this is a great book for them to read. It’s full of everything kids go through these days!!


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