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Free Post

I have been blogging all week for the A to Z challenge about movies. It’s one of my passions. I love to see my favorite actors and actresses play different people: some real, most fake.  There are  problems with film though. I can’t change the outcome. However this is remedied with my true passion and that’s writing. 

Here’s an except from my Needs Analysis paper I wrote for one of my English classes at SNHU: 

            My writing career began at an early age, in which I took to writing tidbits of stories here and there on scraps of paper. I graduated from napkins and scraps to notebooks. It was then I realized that I wanted write fiction. I loved the idea of creating my own world and characters. This lead to me taking a chance and participating in The Young Authors program in grade school. However, being that Stephen King was my first favorite author, my stories were too graphic and violent for this particular contest. So I put it aside for a few years.

When I picked up writing again, I decided to take things seriously and become a writer, a published writer. Upon reviewing my work, I realized that I tend to write drama, new adult fiction, and young adult fictional work. By narrowing my genres, I began to dive into what the best way to publish my work and who will want to read my works of art.

As I progressed in my writing and reading, I decided that writing as a career wasn’t for me. This was when I was eighteen or so, so I started college pushing my writing aside. Over the course of the next four years I wrote some on and off, but most of my writings were pushed into hiding in a folder on my desktop.

About five years later, I decided to pick up writing again. I had graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. Both of these degrees has helped me write characters and how they formulate their relationships.

I started working as a Customer Service Representative for a major utility company and picked up writing again. I had a lot of free time waiting for customers to call in about their bills. This is where I came up with my idea for my first completed novel, Jaded Proposal. This book took about three months to complete and then I am still in the editing process. I have written several query letters and sent them to literary agents, but I have come to the conclusion that self-publishing would be the best route for me. Part of me has been looking into publishing it via Kindle Direct or Create Space. I already have the cover and permission from the photographer that took the photo as well as the model.

Recently I was a finalist in a contest that required the first 250 words of my manuscript. This specific manuscript I had written for National Novel Writing Month, or Nano month. I know several authors that participate in this contest and find it rewarding. This has been the third year I have participated. From this contest I know that I can buckle down and write a decent piece of fiction in thirty days. It’s every empowering to know that you have the tenacity to finish something of that scale……”

I know it’s long, but if you have any suggestions feel free to comment. 

Till tomorrow’s post, F for…..shhhhh it’s a secret!!!

Welcome to the Ice House

So what does this mean? It’s simple it’s means I stayed home and I am going to do alot of writing today. Or i plan to! I hope. I have had one cup of coffee down and have checked my inbox and filtered through the important news. I even posted an excerpt from one of the stories I wrote a few years back for NANO month. I have completed three years so far. What about you? If you don’t know it’s National Novel Writing month and it happens in November! You have a month to write 50,000 words. I am thinking about taking this to the next level and choosing 3 months out of the year and writing a novel each month. What do you think? I think I can do it can you?

Okay so in other news, I started the 12 week challenge with my awesome coach Ginger who is there to support me. It’s a program through the Medi-Fast diet plan. You should check it out. seems easy enough.

I finally cleaned out my office now I need to get some plastic to put on the windows in there. It’s freezing. It’s the only room in the house that has poor heat circulation! Got any ideas, please let me know. 

Oh and I am going to do some ZUMBA today. I thought I had let my mom borrow all of my DVDs because she begged and pleaded for them. I miss my morning classes with the lovely Heather at Nautilus, but it conflicts with my work schedule!  I will make this happen. I will post tomorrow if it happened or not. 

Oh and a new app to download to keep you in check about logging your food and such is called PACT. You have log your food and exercise. If you don’t you pay. Literally! They will take money out of your account. There is no excuse to be lazy anymore. It will cost you. In turn if you keep your pact they reward you with cash. So I have signed up to simply log my food.  Check it out its in your local app store. 

So that’s all for Monday check in! I’ll see you tomorrow.

Oh and I started semester six at Southern New Hampshire University’s online program!! I am seeking my Bachelor of English. It will be my third Bachelor’s degree, but hopefully I will be able to use this degree unlike the others. 

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