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Every hear something or read something on Facebook that hits you right in the gut and makes you think that you’re not good enough. It’s that small voice of doubt that gets louder and louder as the day goes by. If you are like me, it debilitates you. I come home from my day job and instead of working out or writing, I go to bed. Why? Because I don’t think my story should be heard. It’s not real, it’s made up and at times boring. I know as a writer I shouldn’t say that my own writing is boring. It’s just how I feel.

I know that it’s not true. I envy those people that can write whatever they wish and put it out there for the world to see. I know that I can overcome these feelings of doubt, but don’t. It’s not that I like to self loathe, just sometimes it’s comforting. Does that make sense?

I need to kick this habit in the butt!

I really do.

So do you!

I know you want your writing to move forward and sitting or lying around in my case is NOT helping the situation. I need to be proactive. I need to grab the day by its balls and fight for what I want. What do I want? I want to be a successful writer. How do I define success? Easy I want at least 5000 people to read my book and 20 reviews.

I’m almost there….if I count the freebies….I want to make people laugh, get mad, and most of all I want people to read my stories

So….what’s my game plan?

I don’t know yet…but I will let you know when I do.

Bad Idea

It is a bad idea when a multi-million dollar company relies on a Windows based OS! 

History has shown us that it will crash!!! 

#Weneedmacsatwork #i couldbewritingIMG_1886 

Weekend in Review

Over the weekend I attended the fall celebrate and connect for my side business, Thirty One. They debuted a new product for the large utility tote. Which is AWESOME for shopping at Aldis, or any store for that matter. Then after that I attended a Tupperware party and won some awesome free merchandise. I also found a chopper or shredder thing that I really really want. So if you know anyone that wants some Tupperware, I”m hosting a party. Woot.

Other than that, I just worked on homework for the remainder of the weekend and managed to get in ten hours of sleep before the weekday began.

I also had the pleasure of watching X-men: Future Past. That one, ti was very cool to see how the incorporated actual footage and gave the JFK assassination a back story. Pretty nifty there. I am so confused about how Wolverine changed the past which affected the future. I mean Jean Grey is ALIVE how awesome is that.

So I wonder what they are going to do now?

Sleep, oh how I love thee


Last night I had the un-pleasurable opportunity to experience my first and hopefully my last sleep study. It was to test to see if I had sleep apnea. In lame men’s terms it’s when you stop breathing at night. It’s not to be taken lightly. It’s correlated with weight. Something I have been trying to shed, but with no success. I’ll get to that later. So I was released from work at 6:00 p.m and grabbed some KFC (those to go cups are awesome). I had enough time to down some food before being at the hospital promptly at 7:15pm.

Once I filled out a few pieces of paper I was showed back to a room with a camera and television. The bed reminded me of one of those you might find in a super cheap hotel. But I would make do. I watched television and relaxed until the nurse came in to attach all of these thin wires to my neck, face, and head.  Oh there was also one on either leg. Then two belts were wrapped around me on over my chest and the other my stomach. Then I was free to sleep.

At first I thought it would be hard to fall asleep, but nope, I was out in ten minutes. I do not think I have sleep apnea because the tech never came back to attach me to a Cpak machine,  so that hurdle was avoided, still waiting on confirmation though.

In the writing world I am working on homework assignment for class. Fun. Fun. I do need to post something soon I guess. There wasn’t any writing today although I did make it through Chapter ten of To Kill A Mockingbird. I have already read this book a few times, but it’s required reading so why not re-read it again.

Hope everyone has a safe and warm night.

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