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My short is due tonight at midnight. Wish me luck!

Monday Woes!!

Okay I have a problem and I have 8 days to fix it!! Here it is,

I have entered into a Short Story challenge with NUC Midnight LLC. Its a fun contest, but it seems like every year I get landed with Historical Fiction.

This year I even prayed about it, but was still stuck with it. So I don’t even know where to begin. The other part of my assignment has to include a shoe shiner and then moving to a new city.

First I think of Mew York City and then I think of the Titanic. But O am sure that everyone in my group of twenty is going to write something about that. Then I thought of the stock market crash. So I think I will use this event to center my short story around.

Also I had to write a story based off f the movie “Moonrise Kingdom”. I’ll have to post it on here soon!

In other news I have lost ten pounds since the start of the nee year. Go me!! I have a long way to go! Wish me luck!!

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