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Catching Up

Have you seen the movie Cooties, with Elijah Woods? Hilarious. Check out the trailer!!! It’s a must watch if you like the same humor as Shaun of the Dead!!

Have you watched the BBC’s Vicious with Ian Mckellan? It’s one for the books! I tell yeah, it made me laugh so much. I wish I lived in their apartment bundling!!! Never a dull moment!!!

And books….let’s see I am currently reading a book of World War 1 poetry…..it’s very enlightening and makes me angry.

What have you been up too?

Read Me!!


So this past two weeks have been anything but fun. I found out that I have to get my tonsils out. This will hopefully alleviate my upper obstruction respiratory issue I have going on. This is going to mean a week or two off of work and then hopefully only a week with non solid foods. I plan on loosing some much needed weight. So we shall see.

Also I know I submitted work to three contest and heard nothing from any of the. I don’t expect to win anything. If I do that would be awesome, if not, it’s back to the drawing board. Speaking of contest, I recently ran across a contest provided by HBO. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out:HBO

In other news, I am applying for a different area of my job. It’s the insurance side, versus the billing side. Yes I will loose the protection of the union, but other than that…it’s the same location and I heard it’s better than that.

So what’s going on with you and your writing..

Thursday Rant

Okay so what is the deal with the education community giving out honorary doctorate degrees? What is that really teaching society? Here be a drop out and become a socialite and rich and you don’t have to earn a damn thing.

I get that school need money, but High schools and junior high need money. Not colleges. There are a ton of them and they are becoming more about money and less about the quality of their education. Do you know that there was a teacher at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville that told a student they shouldn’t be allowed in college because they were in a wheelchair? HELLO!! But there was nothing the student could do but file a complaint and be ridiculed by the teacher in class. He had tenure.

This is just one example, I’m sure there’s a lot. On a personal note my girlfriend had THREEE classes left before she got her bachelor’s degree from the same school and a teacher told her that she wouldn’t be able to do the work. She quit because she believed the woman. Man if I ever met her in a dark alley! This has continued to affect her.

So the moral of this message is get back to the basics! Give people a fighting chance and quit giving out honorary doctorates to people to get money for you damned school. LAME!

Karma- What a bitch!

I feel like a piece of metal from a passing by plane is going to come down and strike me hard in the head for writing that statement.

Here’s my experience with Karma: it sucks. It’s not that I even o bad things. Just little white lies that she makes into a huge hot mess. It’s frustrating beyond belief.

Here are examples (most recently): I wanted to attend this conference for a consultant group I am a part of. I was planning on paying for said conference at the end of the month. BUT no they decided to pick a venue too small and therefore they had to cap their registration. How awful! So that screwed everything from the get go. But add in the fact that I decided to pick up Medifast, which is a weight management/lifestyle change program at the same time really screwed me. They charged me THREE times!!! This put my account in the red and therefore causing me not able to attend said conference.

Why? Because I didn’t tell anyone I had decided to take the plunge financially and join Medifast. So Karma decided because I didn’t tell my significant other (to prevent yet another folly about money). But I know I should have said something….I hate confrontation.

Me and Karma hate each other.

Well I’m done. She wins.

In other news. I am finished with my novel and I am reading it through the third time and fixing errors, gaps and such and then I’m sending it out.

I didn’t finish the A to Z challenge. Y and Z don’t really offer good movies. So any directors out there here are two letters that are under used. Just sayin’.

My last and final semester of my Bachelors of Creative Writing started. It’s on Popular fiction so we are reading books like the hunger games, the da Vinci code, the road, and one other that I can’t recall right now. 

Sleep, oh how I love thee


Last night I had the un-pleasurable opportunity to experience my first and hopefully my last sleep study. It was to test to see if I had sleep apnea. In lame men’s terms it’s when you stop breathing at night. It’s not to be taken lightly. It’s correlated with weight. Something I have been trying to shed, but with no success. I’ll get to that later. So I was released from work at 6:00 p.m and grabbed some KFC (those to go cups are awesome). I had enough time to down some food before being at the hospital promptly at 7:15pm.

Once I filled out a few pieces of paper I was showed back to a room with a camera and television. The bed reminded me of one of those you might find in a super cheap hotel. But I would make do. I watched television and relaxed until the nurse came in to attach all of these thin wires to my neck, face, and head.  Oh there was also one on either leg. Then two belts were wrapped around me on over my chest and the other my stomach. Then I was free to sleep.

At first I thought it would be hard to fall asleep, but nope, I was out in ten minutes. I do not think I have sleep apnea because the tech never came back to attach me to a Cpak machine,  so that hurdle was avoided, still waiting on confirmation though.

In the writing world I am working on homework assignment for class. Fun. Fun. I do need to post something soon I guess. There wasn’t any writing today although I did make it through Chapter ten of To Kill A Mockingbird. I have already read this book a few times, but it’s required reading so why not re-read it again.

Hope everyone has a safe and warm night.

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