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Productive Saturday!!

So today was sort of productive. I got up at 8:30 thanks in most part to my dog having to go out. Then I made breakfast (microwaved two waffles and ate a banana). Most of my day was spent mapping out a rough draft for my literary analysis paper that is due tomorrow. Its still a work in progress. I chose to free write this papers so I need to clean it up cite a ton of stuff. You know how it is, the life of a student. I swear I could be a career student. I love learning so much. I also love the structure that school brings to my life. I guess I am a routine person. I am a Virgo afterall.

In other news next week I start the short story challenge. I am very excited to do this. This is will be the second time I have participated. The first time I was way under experienced than I am now. I’m not saying I’m going to win, being that my grammar still sucks, but I have some pretty nifty ideas.

I also start an eight week long weight related challenge at work. I am so not looking forward to this. When it comes to challenges I tend to start out strong but then my energy fizzles out by the 2nd or 3rd week. Anyone else have this experience? I guess I have to keep it interesting.

I was thinking of having guest bloggers any idea of what questions I should ask?

Well I guess that’s all for now. Live long and prosperous.

Saturday Reckonings….

So I have decided on trying to streamline my life by putting myself on a routine that embodies everything that I love doing.

What are your thoughts on routines? Are they helpful? Or are you one of those people that has everything figured out. If so please tell me your secret.

I feel like I am drowning in the sea of life. It’s overwhelming.

I need a floatation device of sorts. Any ideas?

I feel that all the joy has seeped out of me in one loud pop. Yes it’s obvious that I’m still grieving. I know I promised happy go lucky or in your fact commentary on my life. But it’s just not happening.

Death is so ….overrated. Not that I have been there, but …it’s not fun and it affects so many people. I wish I was one of those people that could believe that she’s in a better place, or is dancing around to fifties music singing with her friends, but I’m selfish. I don’t know if she’s okay, because she’s not with me. I took care of her.

There’s so much emptiness….what am I supposed to do now?

There are bags to unpack….things to sell…and even people to call. But it’s still not right.

My world is in shambles.

That is why I am going to get on a schedule!

Thanks for listening.

Til Then!

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