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T is for Taylor!

Even though I didn’t get to T, for the A to Z challenge, I wanted to blog about Taylor Swift. She is my all-time favorite songwriter. Now let me clarify as much as I love her she’s not my favorite singer. The girl does have a way with words. When I first started listening to her, I was sure she was going to be a one hit wonder…with “Our Song”. Let’s face it…the song was overplayed.

Then I heard Should’ve said No…and was hooked. I am a sucker for good lyrics. Her next album hit the stores and she pushed her higher into the limelight. Love Story, Fifteen, and Change were on this album. My favorite was White Horse.

Next came Sparks Fly…AWESOME ALBUM…so man hits….Back to December, Mean, Ours, Haunted, Revenge….all good. It’s a really great album.

Red was next…this was her last country album. I love the song Red, The Moment I knew, I knew you were Trouble, We are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Everything has changed.

And we are now at 1989 her all pop album and she didn’t disappoint. Shake it off, was a super fun perky song with an awesome video too.

Next came Blank Space…LOVE THE LYRICS.. It’s like any young adult book, drama, movie…all rolled into one. I mean the line, “Cus baby I’m a nightmare dressed as a daydream”…gets me every time.

We have Style, New York, New Romantics, Wildest Dreams, and the mega star video Bad Blood.

So…I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Carry on Taylor…keep going…

Catching Up

Have you seen the movie Cooties, with Elijah Woods? Hilarious. Check out the trailer!!! It’s a must watch if you like the same humor as Shaun of the Dead!!

Have you watched the BBC’s Vicious with Ian Mckellan? It’s one for the books! I tell yeah, it made me laugh so much. I wish I lived in their apartment bundling!!! Never a dull moment!!!

And books….let’s see I am currently reading a book of World War 1 poetry…..it’s very enlightening and makes me angry.

What have you been up too?

Read Me!!

Music Wednesday

Good Morning All,

Today’s issue is about music an how much I am loving Taylor Swifts new music. Wait stop, I know what you’re thinking. Your thinking, OMG I am so sick of hearing about this girl, well let me give you some background information on how I GREW to love this artist.

It started one day when I was writing and listening to Pandora and Taylor Swift’s song’s began playing and I think it was “Change” on her first album and so I started ding research. I love to look up information on artist ect. Found out she was a song writer and had sold her songs to some big wigs in Nashville.

This was her break out album.

So then she came our with Fearless and I loved all of the songs, especially her collaboration with Colbie Calliat, Breathe.

Then Speak Now came out and I was so ticked that I didn’t make it to her tour for that one.

That was followed by Red, which I didn’t like as much as Speak Now, but it was still good.

Now we have 1989. I love three songs so far, Blank Space and Shake if off.

But my favorite is Out of the Woods, and oddly enough it’s not sung by Taylor, instead my favorite version is sung by Tyler Ward. What do you do think?

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