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Ender’s Game


Ender’s Game by Scott Orson Card was a great book and took me on a trip into the future of our world. A world where we use children to fight our wars. There is no diplomacy, it’s more of a dictatorship.  Children are tested and then plucked from their families and sent to live with other children in the middle of space. here they play gays and learn the skills of strategy and how to win a war by the use of logic. It’s more like a game of chess. 

The story was believable, although the aliens reminded me of giant moth people like the bee characters from that cartoon the Venture Bros. Check it out sometime if you haven’t. I actually think that’s who they molded the creatures from. 

As I stated the characters were well acted and portrayed. It was refreshing for a change for see actors or actresses who can portray a character without forcing it like, Kristen Stewart. Sorry not a fan ladies and gents. 

Adding to the characters, was the graphics. I didn’t find them cheesy or over played. They were simply a portrayal of the future and how it may turn out. I hope not, but still. 

So here’s the plot in a nutshell: a third child is accepted into the Academy, he excels, he becomes a leader in the army, he leads army to victor, realizes he made a mistake, runaway. 

Okay so there’s a lot more to the movie, plot, relationship, and conflict. You know the usual stuff that accompanies a movie, but I don’t want to give everything away. 

What did you think?



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