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The Game Plan

I woke up with my throat on fire, but I guess that’s normal being my tonsils have only been out for a week. I go back to work on Wednesday of this week. How much do I wish that writing was a full time job. Someday…I hope.

so here’s the game plan. I have completed everything I have on book 2 of the Jaded series. This is great because now I can focus on editing The Girl from Bangkok. I think this book has a lot of potential.

So I have about fifteen pieces wot completely gut and edit. I am up for the challenge. I have found out from reading Kboards that in order to remain popular you have to have a book out every few months or so. So I am hoping to at least have six completed and edited pieces before I publish book one. This will give me time to write more and edit as well.

What’s your game plan? Oh I also plan on participating in the Flash Fiction Challenge and Camp Nano again. I didn’t complete it last time, but I am determined to in July.

As per usual I plan on writing more on my blog and finding more followers. If you know of any blog challenges let me know. I would love to participate in them.

In the News

There is so much talk about Josh Duggar and his molestation charges he acquired when he was fifteen. People are commending his family for the way in which they dealt with it. However, his family didn’t deal with it. When his father found out, he waited a year before he turned in the information to the authorities. This means for 365 days his five victims had to deal with their “attack” and learn to cope with the invasion of their body. It’s horrible that TLC didn’t know this before even broadcasting the show. This is not something that should have been missed. They cancelled Honey Boo Boo for the same reason.

All in all, I find the whole thing disturbing. My sister was a victim of sexual abuse/molestation and her capture was let go to do it again. And he did. Eventually he was put behind bars, but he would taunt us sometimes when we walked down the street. My mother told me to ignore him. There was nothing I could do to protect my sister and that’s a feeling that I will never forget. Helplessness, anger, and hatred.

I can only imagine this is what his victims felt and again now as their names are smeared through the mud. Becuase let’s face it, the media tends to blame women.

Well that’s my thoughts on that. Moving on, I was able to write almost 2,000 words yesterday on my Calamity Jayne novellas. How awesome is that? I am looking forward to writing more today, being that I am off work today.

Progress Report

On the plus side I managed five days of working out!! Woot woot, thank goodness for exercise videos on youtube. I am still able to do my group exercises. This ia great because I don’t drive due to my limited vision. I also managed yoga twice this week.

I am taking the day off to watch some kids and I plan on attempted pilates and yoga tomorrow.

In my writing world, I focused on editing book two and thanks to The Kingsmen, the movie, I drafted nine novellas. How awesome is that? I love getting inspired by watching good movies.

I have been actively posting and interacting with lots of other indie publishers. I am learning alot, so if you want some free advice head on over to http://www.kboards.com. You can post questions and get real answers. Not saying that other forums aren’t but these people have published.

I have found lots of good advice about my cover, it has helped me alot. I plan on posting at least two blogs this upcoming week and eventually making a schedule of sorts.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading.

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