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Christmas with the In-laws

Christmas with the In-laws

From the title of this blog I’m sure you have already guessed it’s going to be interesting.

For the last seven years I have done my best to accompany my girlfriend to the family dinner, which is usually about an hour away in Missouri or southern Illinois.

Yesterday we packed up and left for our destination, Wentzville MO. Once we arrived we were greeted by four tiny dogs and three cats at the door. They were nice enough. My favorite was a dog named Bean, who resembles a foot cushion. Yes, he’s that fat. Poor dog has peg legs. Back to the story, we were then greeted by her sister and husband. They were in the process of making the food. I think they got a late start. So we came in and mix and mingled. As the night progressed and more and more people arrived it was safe to say the house was too small.

Needless to day we made it work with an extra table that was set up, since there is no dining room. It was nice to see how tall the nephews had gotten.

The best part of the night was the gift exchange. We all drew numbers and the first person picked a present and opened it. When it was second person’s turn, they were allowed to take the first persons or choose a present. This went on for fifteen different rounds. The big prize was a silver dollar coin worth $25.00. It would increase its value greatly by the end of the year. You should try it.  

All in all it was a good time. The food an companty were good. Loved the cookies oh and Dave’s cheese ball. He has matered it!!

What was  your fondest memories?

Oh I also wrote down a list of all my novels/stories that I am working on….sixteen different projects fun fun.

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