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Catching up…


Life sucks. I mean that’s plainly put. I have no desire to do anything. I di find a new book idea and told myself I could only write it if I get my previous project completed. I plan on finishing it today. It’s called Someone Like Me originally titled The Girl from Bangkok. Which do you guys like?

At one time I knew of this title website where you put your title in and it told you the probability of it being unique. Anyone know what that’s called? It was fun. It helped me come up with Jaded Proposal.

I graduate in July, but it’s bittersweet. I have no joy about this or the 4th of July, or Christmas. I am actually dreading Christmas this year. I think I am going to boycott it this year.

Among other things her condo is cleaned up and out and we have most of the furniture at our house. A constant reminder, but a good one. Since she was goin to move in with us we have the house how she wanted it.

On the day job front, being that Cathi and I weren’t legally hitched (even though it wasn’t legal at the time) I didn’t get any bereavement time. Therefore I had to use what was left of my personal time. So here’s hoping that the next six months are a breeze.

Well that’s all for now.

I found this funny guy on youtube yesterday. Click the link for a laugh!

Time for change!!!

Change in the air. There were at least two days this week that hit the seventies, so that’s enough for me. I am going to start spring cleaning tomorrow. This will be easy enough being that i just moved into a larger house. More space to fill with stuff. I haven’t decided what I am going to put out and what I am going to keep packed. I really need to pack away my winter clothes. Spring is here, even though the forecast is calling for snow tomorrow. 

In other news, my pitch interview has been rescheduled again, boo, but in a sense this means more time to practice. It would be safe to note that I haven’t  even put one together. I haven’t had time, but I plan on working on it tomorrow over coffee. Also I I plan on putting together my study. I have a desk and a great view of the desk.

 I also plan to re-start my P90X3. This should be interesting. I need to detox my system and plan on using Advocare, Herbal Cleanse to do this. This will be the first time I have tried anything like this. Any advice? 

This weeks I also hopped a train to Bloomington Normal to watch my sisters kids for a night and morning while she had surgery. He had the inside of her uterus burned so that she wouldn’t be in any pain. Her kids are now 9, 7, and almost 2. Wow, I feel old. i remember when she had the first one, she was such a cute baby. In factd they all were! It was great to have fun with my nieces and I found out that my nephew is such a cuddle bug! I loved it. We took two naps. It was nice to see them. It sucks that it had to be in the middle of the week. But I found out that the ticket only cost 15 bucks, which means I can take more trips. I plan on going up there for my nieces birthday bash. They are into that High School Monster thing. I guess they are the Twilight version of the Bratz. 

Also I have my thesis already picked out for grad school. I’ll post it later when I put the words together better. 

Well folks, I”m signing off now. 

Moving Day!!!

Good morning all,
Moving day is here and I have been given the task of keeping the cat from driving everyone crazy with his cries! I have had multiple conversations about us moving and he’s apparently forgot or has chosen to. Either way I’m stuck in the bathroom with a dog with nervous farts and a 15 pound cat! Well at least I can catch up on my blogs!!


Woot Woot!!! Today’s a good day!!

Just downloaded Google Chrome at work and I am able to blog again!! I am so excited this is so much easier being that I am work 12 hours most days. When I get home I have enough time to work out then bed. It’s a simple life, I do enjoy it though! 

So I have a great list of blogs that I read daily an they inspire me to be a better me and a better writer. Thanks guys! 

Today I plan on working on my novel and finishing my homework for the semester. I go to Southern New Hampshire University online and my semesters are eight weeks long, It’s a tad bit crazy and it seems like I am changing classes all the time. I love it though. I graduate in July! Woot woot! This is the degree I should have had when I first went to college. i wonder what my life would have been like then? Do you ever wonder about stuff like that? 

Well in other news I started p90x3, WOW!! You want a work out, here it is. it’s fun and intriguing, i am really enjoying it. I think I am missing a few of the segments, but I will make due with that I have. One day at a time. I have the painful feeling in my muscles telling me that I had a good workout!! I am so excited about the future. 

No on to another problem. My male cat of five years has taken it upon himself to pee on the furniture. I don’t understand why we clean his litter box regular. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with us moving. My girlfriend wants to put the cat downstairs! Uggghhhh… I don’t want that to happen. A basement is no place for a cat. I want it with me, upstairs. So I have to figure this. The other alternative is to gt rid of it. I will raise HELL if that happens. I just know he’s fickle, all cats are. Any advice as to how to make the move easier on him?  He’s a big lump of fur and I love him alot!!

Oh I also Have my date set for my pitch interview. It’s next Friday. I am so freaking out!! YIKES!! Wish me luck. Okay that’s all for now. 

Here we go!!

Good Morning everyone!

I found my day planner! Now I can feel organized again, which is what I needed. Last week I felt like I was all over the place. Do you get that way when you don’thave your main organizing tool?

Today can’t get much better, just relaxing at home with a cup of coffee and the winter Olympics on the tele. I have seen three people crash and burn on the snow board competition. Yikes, I don’t see how they do it. I give them all a hi’five!! Good going ladies. I know I couldn’t do it. 

In other news, I have completed my 2nd round of edits on Someone like me, but still need to complete my edits on Chapter 13 of Jaded Proposal. Now i have a question for my readers. I am contemplating separating my new book into parts and need a creative way to do this. What about quotes? Or should I just pick one word as the theme for that section?

Any ideas would be helpful. 

Okay that’s all for now I have an analytically paper today. It’s written but I have to edit it and then turn it in. 

In other news, I might be moving into a house so I am super excited about it. It has a deck that I am super excited about. Now the packing part now so much. However I am getting excited about finding things that have been lost over the last three years. I am secretly hoping that this will be the last move for at least the next ten years. 

Versatile Award!!


Sorry I have been absent again this week. I promise to get better at this. I have to make a point to write when I get off of work. I have working feverishly on the revising the novel I won the contest for. I have also got to put together a pitch speech for when I have my phone call with the agent.  Any ideas or websites that can help me succeed in this endeavor?

Also I would like to give a big shout out to Maggie from Maggie Madly Writing!! She has given me the Versitile Blogger Award!! This is my first one and I am honors!! Woot woot!


Here are my nominations for the awards, Victoria Writes, Doodlemum, Kristen Lamb’s Blog, and The Bookshelf of Emily J.

  1. I have a fake eye!
  2. I love to people watch.
  3. I have an obsession with ink pens and paper, okay office supplies.
  4. I could eat pizza for every meal.
  5. I have a cat that answers to his name.
  6. I am working on getting my 3rd bachelors degree.
  7. I love watching figure skating and gymnastics on the television.

In other news, I am thinking about moving from my duplex into a house so that’s going to be different. 

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