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T is for Taylor!

Even though I didn’t get to T, for the A to Z challenge, I wanted to blog about Taylor Swift. She is my all-time favorite songwriter. Now let me clarify as much as I love her she’s not my favorite singer. The girl does have a way with words. When I first started listening to her, I was sure she was going to be a one hit wonder…with “Our Song”. Let’s face it…the song was overplayed.

Then I heard Should’ve said No…and was hooked. I am a sucker for good lyrics. Her next album hit the stores and she pushed her higher into the limelight. Love Story, Fifteen, and Change were on this album. My favorite was White Horse.

Next came Sparks Fly…AWESOME ALBUM…so man hits….Back to December, Mean, Ours, Haunted, Revenge….all good. It’s a really great album.

Red was next…this was her last country album. I love the song Red, The Moment I knew, I knew you were Trouble, We are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Everything has changed.

And we are now at 1989 her all pop album and she didn’t disappoint. Shake it off, was a super fun perky song with an awesome video too.

Next came Blank Space…LOVE THE LYRICS.. It’s like any young adult book, drama, movie…all rolled into one. I mean the line, “Cus baby I’m a nightmare dressed as a daydream”…gets me every time.

We have Style, New York, New Romantics, Wildest Dreams, and the mega star video Bad Blood.

So…I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Carry on Taylor…keep going…

Beautiful Creatures- Review

I am betting this was a better book than movie. I will have to check that out and report back to you. To reiterate most of my blogs this month are going to focus around movies. it’s the one time of year that I attempt to post daily. Now these blogs are merely for your containment. They are not educational or even thought provoking. I am merely posting my opinions about a movie. This is in response to a not so nice comment I received from the lovely barbarapduke. She basically stated my blog wasn’t worth reading. Ouch! But there will be critics! I

Moving on. I watched Beautiful Creatures about two weeks ago. i was in the process of movies so maybe I missed that “ah ha” moment that tied everything together. But for some reason it felt rushed to me. I waned more background and more character interaction. I love stories that involve magic, if done well. 

From what I gathered it was about this guy from the south, who meets this girl who has moved into an old house with her uncle/grandfather, i can’t remember which one. But apparently this guy is he spawn of Satan and full of black magic. I loved the cinematography of the film. It was really cool, because they kept fading from the 1800’s to current time. 

This boy meets the girl and falls for her, which is exactly what he is not suppose to do. She is filled with both good and bad magic that she doesn’t have under control. 

Well then her family gets involved and things go from bad to worse as her birthday gets closer and closer….I won’t spoil it for you, but if you feel like taking a trip down the rabbit hole this movie is for you. 

Did you get a chance to see it? If so what did you think? I will post my review of the book once it has been finished

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