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Tuesday Spanglish

As far as I’m concerned, Adam Sandler’s best movie is Spanglish. He plays the laid back husband of high strung Tea Leoni’  and falls for his maid, which is played by the talented Penelope Cruz. 

It’s a great film about the intersecting relationships between “the help” and their employees. It’s funny, witty, and even though provoking. In a blink of an eye a person’s life can be changed. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should!


Can’t Hardly wait to see Captain America 2

So if you grew up in the 1990’s then you catch my reference to Can’t Hardly Wait! It’s one of my all time favorite movies from that generation. The characters were great and hey there is even a pre Robot Chicken creator of Seth Green. How cool is that? Oh and if you’re a fan of the beloved Twilight, then you will also remember Dr. Cullen as the crazy jock!! Yes it was him! Hey, don’t hate everyone has to start somewhere.

Basically is about this guy (Ethan Embry) who decides to give his crush (Jennifer Love Hewitt) a note he wrote, professing his love to her at the last part of the year. Crazy things happen and Year books Must be signed!


This movie busted onto the scene in 1998, you know that was the time of She’s all that (Freddie Prinze Jr/Rachel Leigh Cook), Cruel Intentions (Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillipe/Sarah Michelle Gellar), and even Forrest Gump. 

That being said here’s a hilarious clip, if you’re in the mood to laugh this movie is for you. 


Now to the Star of the month, Captain American: The Winter Soldier: my girlfriend cannot wait to see this movie tomorrow.That’s because it has ACTION! ACTION! A kick-ass superhero! ACTION! ACTION!

We are even going to the fabulous MX theatre in St. Louis.  Apparently they serve you a nice dinner while you enjoy the movie! How cool is that? Who needs popcorn when I can have steak! Hell, it probably cost as much as a traditional movie theatre these days. 



Well that’s all for now. Happy A to Z Challenge Folks!

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