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J is for….Justin

Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber have both been hounding my playlist over the past week. I don’t know maybe Pandora was trying to help me, but it needs to stop. My brain now had a soundtrack that mirrors a club. Fun times!

So here are a few of my favorites….and yes they might make you dance a jig, shake your hips, and even smile…enjoy.


Oh my!!!

This kid is in dire need of parenting or intervention of some sort. He’s completely unwilling to answer the questions and disregard to authority. He needs to be taken somewhere and left there to think about his actions. He acts as though he is exempt from punishment of any kind. it’s disrespectful and disgusting. Yep, I”m done listening or supporting him (not that I did in the past) but his music will be deleted from my music library. It’s this kind of smugness that I despise. Fare the well Bieber and good riddens!!!

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