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Great Weather!

It’s almost 60 degrees out after being in the 30’s all week. Yes I have the windows open and I”m relaxing. I did take a mile long walk enjoying the weather. I might take another walk this evening. It just depends on how cold it is out.

In other news, I have had it up to here with walmart.com. I would NOT recommending purchasing anything from them oh like a treadmill. I had to call six times yesterday to try and get them to pick up the broken treadmill. And if they don’t pick it up by 2/26 they are going to withdraw the money out of my account for the cost of the treadmill. It’s so frustrating.

I plan on writing today and even working on homework for my next weeks classes. I am taking screenwriting and American Modernism.

What do you plan on doing this weekend?


Good morning!!

Last night I had the privilege of going to the movies to see Big Hero 6! I loved the movie! Sure there were a couple of hiccups but it was original and that was nice!

So new semester starts Monday ad am I prepared, that would be a negative! I am so not prepared! I meed to read and write a lot more!

Today after work I am going to go have a play date with my Haylie bug and we are going to color and play problems. Then I plan on going home, clean and the heading to my friend’s house to hang out, color and eat. It’s suppose to snow tonight. This will be great for tea and editing!!

So I plan on writing oh about 12k between now and Monday! Where are you? What are you listening too?


Sleep, oh how I love thee


Last night I had the un-pleasurable opportunity to experience my first and hopefully my last sleep study. It was to test to see if I had sleep apnea. In lame men’s terms it’s when you stop breathing at night. It’s not to be taken lightly. It’s correlated with weight. Something I have been trying to shed, but with no success. I’ll get to that later. So I was released from work at 6:00 p.m and grabbed some KFC (those to go cups are awesome). I had enough time to down some food before being at the hospital promptly at 7:15pm.

Once I filled out a few pieces of paper I was showed back to a room with a camera and television. The bed reminded me of one of those you might find in a super cheap hotel. But I would make do. I watched television and relaxed until the nurse came in to attach all of these thin wires to my neck, face, and head.  Oh there was also one on either leg. Then two belts were wrapped around me on over my chest and the other my stomach. Then I was free to sleep.

At first I thought it would be hard to fall asleep, but nope, I was out in ten minutes. I do not think I have sleep apnea because the tech never came back to attach me to a Cpak machine,  so that hurdle was avoided, still waiting on confirmation though.

In the writing world I am working on homework assignment for class. Fun. Fun. I do need to post something soon I guess. There wasn’t any writing today although I did make it through Chapter ten of To Kill A Mockingbird. I have already read this book a few times, but it’s required reading so why not re-read it again.

Hope everyone has a safe and warm night.

Another Day …another buck

I was late for work, thanks to the ice covered roads. Don’t get me wrong I do appreciate the plow guys and the salt trucks, but it still sucks. I think there should be a ban on all utility companies. When there is bad weather you can work from home. Imagine what I could get done!!

It was harder than heck to get motivated yesterday. Yes it was the second glorious day that I was off work and did whatever I wanted around the house. I turned out to be highly productive in the morning, but by lunch time I was done for the day. I was useless. I don’t know why, nothing seemed worth doing.

So I ate lunch thinking that would give me energy, nope. Thankfully some helpful neighbors down the way cleared out driveway for us so we didn’t have to deal with that. Granted we did pay them, but I feel it was worth it.  That just added to the laziness of the day.

Naps were taken and when we got up we decided to get out of the house. My girlfriend left her phone at her sister’s house so we went there first and then went to Walgreens, mecca of everything. Necessities were picked up along with We are the Millers and The Heat from the Red Box machine.

When we got home I literally forced myself to work out via a 20 DVD of Zumba that I had found. I was just not in the mood, but I did it. Then had supper and settled in for a 3.5 hour movie marathon. Overall I would say that We are the Millers was funnier than the heat. I wished they would have incorporated the Miss Congeniality movies in with this one, it may have been funnier. Plus let that McCarthy chick play more than one role. She’s already type casted. This sucks for her.  She’s a great actress I just know it.

In my writing world, not much to report other than I found a few more story ideas while cleaning the study. I can’t wait to begin reading over the material. Also I am going to work on editing chapter 1 or JD just in case JP takes off.

Oh and I have a ton of homework to complete as well. I guess  I should be doing that instead of this…hmmmm…nah.

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