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Stepping away from A to Z blog for a second

Stepping away from A to Z blog for a second to write about something that I recently watched and it moved me.

Now I know many of you think that John Oliver’s, Last Week …show on HBO is merely a comedy sketch, but it’s so much more that. It’s very informative, like John Stewart’s The Daily Show. They poke fun at the hypocrisy of America and our idiocracy. I mean as American’s we have a very bad image.

Let me break it down for you. We are the Justin Beiber’s as far as the world’s concerned. People are so uninformed. So read this blog, repost so we can get educated!

Okay so last week, Mr. Oliver sat down with Edward Snowden. You know who he is right?

No he’s not the Wikileaks guy, this is the guy who released a lot of NSA information to prove a point.

Essentially the government is able to gather a TON of information about its own people and store it. Now it’s one thing to spy on other countries that may have it in for us, but our own people. Why? So you can expose “the truth” later. They save phone calls, pictures sent on your phone, or even you person al computer. They are essentially The Capital, from The Hunger Games. So if you think I am not making any

Consider yourself warned.

Dang It!!


So today it took me forever to get to the submissions page and I am not even sure that I uploaded my script. Oh well.

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