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Fun Fridays~~~

Today marks two weeks since I hit upload on my novel. Woot…Sales are stead at 1-2 a day and steady.  I cound this a victory. It’s a hard business to break through the reader barrier. So we shall see.

But I wanted to step away from business and discuss fun! We all need a break right? Here are just a few Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync battles to break up the monotonous of your day!

And BOOM Harry Potter can rap!!!

E is for Emma and Emmy

This is going to be one of my favorite post because I get to talk about actresses whose name begins with the letter E.  My all-time favorites are Emma Watson, Emma Stone, and Emmy Rossum. Together all of these women have some serious star power on and off the screen. I apologize in advance for this post being longer than most.

Emma Watson grew up on camera, when she was casted as Hermione Granger, the frizzy haired muggle who befriends Harry till the end.


Then she moved onto other great films, such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and My Week with Marilyn. But she’s more than just an actress, she’s an activist with her huge part in creating the organization, HeforShe. I mean check out this speech!

And then we have the great Emma Stone! Wow! She’s a great comedian, being in films like Easy A, Superbad, and The Help. She;s very talented as well, I mean her lip syncing skills a fricken SWEET!!!

Plus did I mention she’s Mary Jane in the new adaptation of Spider man?

Now for the last actress, several people may not know who she is, but her name is Emmy Rossum and let’s just say she’s got it all. She’s super smart, wealthy, and get this has an amazing voice. Yes, she’s an opera singer. One of her first films was the play adapted movie, Phantom of the Opera!

Now most of us know her as the smart mouth eldest daughter of Frank in the Showtime hit show Shameless. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Great acting, great script, great everything.

Well that concludes my blog for today. All three women are very talented and great to watch on and off camera. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Harry Potter: The Review




Everyone needs to see this movie!!!

Divergent REview

My friend picked me up after work at 6pm to head over to the local theatre to view Divergent at 7pm. We arrived forty five minutes early and my anticipation grew with each passing minute. I had recently finished the triology and was still reeling over the ending. I’m not going to post it, but lets just say it was unexpected at best. So I had a general idea of what I was going to see. 

I don’t understand how the casting is done in films. I also don’t know a screen play is written based off of a book. it confuses me to no end. How does a character’s description change from having blond hair and light eyes to black hair and eyes? It just doesn’t make sense. I have to say again how much I commend the casting crew that did Harry Potter. They nailed it. Not so much for this series.

The Shailene Woody chick was fine for Beatrice Prior, a bit tall and average. The girl in the book was described as small and meek. The Theo guy was so not what I pictured for Four, I mean come one, he’s suppose to be hunky and a teenager. He just comes across as a thin and lean dude with no muscle definition. I thought that Sylas from Weeds was a better fit. Or even one of the guys from Hunger Games. 

And then there’s Christina. So the body type issue is the opposite for her. It’s like they decided that they were going to switch the description up between the twoo girls. Zoe Kravitz is what Beatrice Prior was suppose to look like, short, tiny and meek. Christina was suppose to be tall, lanky, and a loud mouth. It’s that simple. The casting was messed up. 

Also there were no old people in Dauntless and Eric was the one that did more of the delegating. instead there was this other guy that talked alot. 

That leaves us with Caleb ( I don’t like the actor that plays him), Jeanine (Kate Winslet nalled this part, but needs to have glasses. In fact all of the Euridte need glasses, its a defining feature that they failed to miss in reading the book, and Marcus (he’s too old, he needed to be casted as someone younger). 

Moving on to the plot…..they decided as filmmakers to toss the book out the window and do what they want. First off, Four was alone in the room where he was controlling the simulation. Not across the hall from Janine. Also Tris doesn’t stab Janine in the hand with a knife, no does she inject her with the serum that makes her a part of the simulation. It’s crazy and didn’t happen. they just pulled that whole part out of their butt. I hate when directors do that. What did they just find that the way the writer wrote the book was too lame. Hey it was enough action for me!! But I could get over all of that if it weren’t for the nagging feeling that they are going to destroy the next two books into movies. 

I know most of you are probably thinking I should have never went to see the movie. But I had to. it was the same as when I went to see The Hunger Games, although there weren’t as many changes as there were here. I guess it’s just upsetting to me. But at least I know that good casting can come from somewhere, I mean look at what they did with Harry Potter!!

What do you think?


Universal Studios

Universal Studios

This is the Wizardy World of Harry Potter, which if you haven’t made it down there, it’s fricken AMAZING!! I want to go back! I want to stay at the Loew’s Royal Pacific again.

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