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Great Weather!

It’s almost 60 degrees out after being in the 30’s all week. Yes I have the windows open and I”m relaxing. I did take a mile long walk enjoying the weather. I might take another walk this evening. It just depends on how cold it is out.

In other news, I have had it up to here with walmart.com. I would NOT recommending purchasing anything from them oh like a treadmill. I had to call six times yesterday to try and get them to pick up the broken treadmill. And if they don’t pick it up by 2/26 they are going to withdraw the money out of my account for the cost of the treadmill. It’s so frustrating.

I plan on writing today and even working on homework for my next weeks classes. I am taking screenwriting and American Modernism.

What do you plan on doing this weekend?

Another Month…

Well here we are at the start of February. So much has happened, I don’t know where to begin. I guess at the beginning.

You know that lovely treadmill I put together? It died. I don’t know what happened, I was using it religously and the tread stopped moving. So I called and got refunded the money and they are suppose to come pick it up, but it looks like I’ll have to call and remind them again. I don’t want to be stuck with this thing. I plan on getting a new one at some point.

I am proud to report that I lost 16 pounds, woot but that too is going to be short lived. I do zumba, but I don’t feel like that is enough…I must admit I miss my treadmill.

Next bit of bad news, which is really good news I guess. I was told I had sleep apnea a year ago and have a machine and such. I found out today that I don’t. So what have I been doing for the last year? Wasting money on a machine that I don’t need. Ugghhh…And I have to get my tonsils and adnoids removed, fun fun.

The good new is that I recieved two A’s in my Grad classes, but I wonder if I am truly receiving a quality education. It’s through a university and is NON profit, which is better than what I was going to start with. I just don’t know. I guess I miss the classroom that i don’t have time for.

Next week starts a new round of classes. Screenwriting and American Modernism.

On a Funny note, Jimmy Fallon makes my day!!

Blanket Bump

Check out these awesome blankets my friend makes. They are warm, fuzzy, and yes you can make them or buy them in the store. BUT you won’t find these cute patterns they are one of a kind!! 🙂


In other news I think I failed m theory class. i can’t write papers for this teacher, but for the other teacher I get a’s. I don’t know. I’m not going to take it personally. It’s just life. I might have to retake the class. I must work harder this semester. Wish me luck. Because of this my novel has been slacking, but I plan on fixing that tonight and tomorrow, I will be caught up. Watch and see!

Day 5

So I wrote 7000 words on my novel for Nano and realized that I want to change my story. So I am now playing around with ideas!!

I will let u know for sure if I change my current pace.

Tonights plans? Writing 20 pages worth of papers. Wish me luck! If there is any writing in me I might work on nano.

Hope all is well out there in the writing world!!

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