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Fall is here!!!

Its that time of year again to sit back and enjoy a hot cup of cider and battle dow the hatches for another wintet. Its almost time to sit back and reflect what we have learned this past year.

I’ve learned to always say I love you to those that matter, because a trip to to the hospital might be their last. Also, be aware of your surroundings. You never know the i intentions or motives of others.

I’ ready for another year of NAMO, and I have a year worth of novels lined up. I don’t know if I can do it, but I am going to try!!!

What have you learned this year?


Are you ready?

It’s that time of year when creative ideas run rampant in my head. The other night I was awake for hours thinking of a story. I have outlined the novel I plan on writing for National Novel Writing Month. I hope it turns out good. What about you? Are you going to participate this year in NANO.

Other than that, I am struggling with my Grad work. I have let myself down in grad school. The last two weeks I have let myself down in that I have turned in less than satisfactory work o my teachers. I mean I got a D on one of my papers. This is not acceptable and I plan on rectifying it this week. We are studying one of my favorite theorist, Karl Marx. I hope to conqueor the discussion board and finish draft one of my twenty page paper.

What are you doing this lovely fall day?

On the book front, I have the final cover down and I am just waiting for the last 12 chapters from my editor and then it’s go time! I am so excited to share my work with you.

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