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Kickin some Butt on this Monday Morning!!!

Good Morning

Today i will have two post. The first being about the awesome movie Kick Ass! Have you seen this one? Image

It’s about this guy who decides to take matters into his own and becomes a super hero. Even though there are already super hero lurking about. It’s funny, sad, and yes it even has Nicolas Cage, but not for long. I mean it shows what would happen if you or I decide to just step in and attempt to stop a crime. You’d most likely get our butt kicked, but at least you tried to help someone in need. That’s the main moral of the story. Not to mention it has a kid that can kick some major butt!! 

When this movie first came out it was easily one of my favorite moves of the year. There was enough action, plot, and mystery to keep anyone interested. 

I would post a clip, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone! Take a chance and rent it., you won’t be sorry. 


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