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Flash Fiction Points!!!

So I participated int he NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Contest again. It’s so much fun!! I love it!! It pushes you to think outside of the box and sometimes you get a good story. Now if your like my fellow writer friend, Meagan Hart, you have mastered the short stories!!  Please see her page below.


She’s missed all but one point in her group. She’s fierce and I hear she’s coming out with a book of haunting tales just in time for Halloween!!!

But here’s the Story I submitted and it earned me 9 points out of 15!!!


Six Pack Abs: Not Your Mother’s Fairytale


Emma Lou rides her bicycle to her grandmother’s house to deliver her dinner. On her way she runs into an ex-boyfriend and is almost ran off the road. But the real surprise is waiting for her at her grandmother’s house.

The long winding street lay out in front of Emma Lou like an asphalt river. She needed to navigate the fastest route to her grandmothers before nightfall. No one wanted to be out here at night. Bad things happened at night. In the city. In the ghetto.

After determining the quickest way to her grandma’s house via her smart phone, she started on her way. On her way she passed brightly colored shops and flamboyant men and women on the streets. San Fran was full of main characters.

Ten minutes later she was staring down a steep drop in the road.

“Damn hills,” she muttered as she positioned her pack before pushing off.

Cool air whipped her hair around as she coasted down the steep decline, careful not to slam on her breaks. She didn’t want to be wearing her mom’s warm famous spaghetti and meatballs.

Gliding to a stop at the end of the street, Emma Lou paused and frowned up at the dark gray clouds barreling overhead like a bad omen. She pulled up the red hood of her jacket and continued on her way.

Rain began to fall convincing her to stop under an awning that was in front of a bar. A bar she use to sneak into with her ex-boyfriend, Hunter.

“Fancy meeting you here.” A male voice said and Emma Lou turned to see Hunter smiling at her. His hood was pulled up as well and he was holding a skateboard.

“What do you want?” she said wishing the rain would stop so she could leave. This was not how she intended to spend her Sunday evening.

“I am assuming the same as you.” He said and glanced at my back pack.


“That your mom’s famous spaghetti?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she muttered and pulled her bag closer.

“You headed to your grandma’s again aren’t you?”

“Are you stalking me?” Emma asked turning to glare at him, but he was already gone.

The rain had slowed and just as she took off, she noticed a man with a thick beard and mustache pass her on a moped almost knocking her off her bike. She flipped him the bird before continuing on her way.

She arrived at Peterson and Son’s Funeral Home and leaned her bike up against the stairs and wrapped her padlock around the middle bar. The moped that almost ran her off the road was parked a little ways down next to hearse. Now she felt bad. Maybe the wolf-man was on his way to a funeral or something.  She took the metal stairs up to her grandmother’s one bedroom apartment above the funeral home, wondering if she had received the letter she’d sent about her not going to college. If she had, then Emma would be in for an ear full.

When she reached the top of the landing, she noticed that her grandma’s backdoor was slightly open. Maybe she had forgotten to close it or something, Emma thought as she pushed through the door.

“Grandma are you here?”

“In the bedroom,” came a muffled voice and she calmed her nerves and began to unpack. When Emma had finished setting the table and grandma hadn’t joined her, she wandered into the bedroom. The lights were off and Emma stopped herself from turning them on.

“Gram’s the table’s set.”

“Not hungry.” She said, her voice still muffled like she was facing the pillow or something.

“That’s not going to happen, mama spent all day making you her famous meatballs.” She said and flipped on the light illuminating her grandmother lying in bed with the wolf-man.

“What’s going on?” she shrieked.

“Nothing dear,” her grandmother said and sat up pulling the covers around her. “We were just talking.”

“Uh huh, I’ll leave you…two…alone.” Emma said shutting the door and returning to the living room in a daze.

A knock on the door pulled her from the images of her grandmother’s bare shoulders and the wolf-man’s red face.

She opened the door and Hunter was standing in front of her.

“I thought you could use some dessert.” He said and lifted up a quart of ice cream.

“You have no idea.” Emma said and pulled him inside and went to the kitchen and grabbed two spoons then led Hunter out to front balcony.

“I thought you were going to have dinner?”

“That was before I caught my grandmother having sex with the wolf-man.”

“What!” Hunter laughed and she joined him a few seconds later.

“It’s not funny!”

“But it is. Your grandma…she’s a wild cat.” Hunter said smiling over at Emma.

“Thanks for rescuing me. I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

“That’s what I’m here for.” He said.

“Emma, dear are you still here?” called grandma and joined  Emma and Hunter a few minutes later.

“We decided to have desert first.” Emma said and her grandmother smiled at her and invited Hunter over for dinner.

“Where’s your friend?”

“Oh dearie, he’s gone, you frightened him away. No worries he’ll be back.”

“Grandma,” Emma said wishing she had left.

“Oh honey, just because he looks like a wolf doesn’t mean he’s a bad person.”

“Your “wolf” almost knocked me off my bike on the way over here to see you.” Emma added.

“I’m sure he’s a nice man.” Hunter said.

“No, no he’s not, but there are other reasons he visits me.”

“Grandma, please were eating.”

Grandma filled her plate and sat back to eat.

“Emma, if there’s one thing I teach you in this life, it’s never to judge a book by its cover. There might be a set of six pack abs under all that

This Week

This week plan on creating blogs on both blogs, marketing my upcoming e-book (any advice would be greatly appreciated it), and wrapping projects up.

On the Writing Block:

Finish Twisted Desire, book 2 of my Twisted Series. This is merely a revision. Once it’s finished I can start the beta reading process and editing as well.

Finish writing book 2 of my Catalyst series. I am about one third done.

Read through TGB book project. Once this is done I can send it to the editor.

Put together a list of projects I need to put together. I am hoping to publish a collection of short stories sometime this year, I am still writing them. The collection is entitled The Reaper.

In other news I plan on going to the gym four times and adding zumba back into my life at least 3 times. Oh and yoga, I need to do yoga.

What’s in plan for this week?

M is for…Melissa and Molly

So M is for Melissa and Molly.

Okay technically speaking it’s Molly then Melissa.

So I’m talking about two of my favorite actresses, Molly Ringwald and Melissa Mcarthy.

Both of these ladies are phenomenal actress- side note did you know that Molly Ringwald has an album?

Okay so Molly was a 1980’s icon with movies like Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles, but her most notable claim to fame would be her role as a snooty preppy chick in The Breakfast Club. This movie is AWESOME!! I watch it every time it’s on TNT. There have been talks about remaking the film, but that’s all I hope they are, this movie is a serious cult classic.

She also played for several season’s opposite of Shailene Woodley, Tris from Divergent, The True Life of and American Teenager which aired on ABC Family.

Then we have the great comedian Melissa Mcarthy.

Unbeknownst to me, I’d been watching her all through my high school career, because she played Sookie on Gilmore Girls. How awesome is that?

For me it was Bridesmaids and Identity Theft that left me wanting more comedic performances by her.

What’s your favorite movie by these ladies?


Well another week has come to end.

I wrote a boxing script for class and I think it turned out pretty good. We are finished eith our analysis of the hurt locker and focusing on another great film, American beauty. I love this film and can’t wait to write about it.

As for my other class I am focusing on the lovely and very boring Faulkner! It’s getting better towards the end though. We are suppose to be looking about this story and how it relates to race. There is one scene that involves another race. 

As for the contest update, I have heard from the short story challenge. I didnt make it ti round two, but a good friend of mine did, no word on FFF contest and the Serendipity. Maybe next week. 

In other news April is going to be very exciting. We have to A to Z challenge and Camp Nano!! I hope I get in a good cabin of fun writers!! Also I songed up to be a part of the SNHU Alumni board. Woot woot!! 

Well thats all for now folks.  



So it’s safe to say that by the title of this blog entry that I have no patience. I guess it really comes down to what I am waiting for. If it’s money or anything to do with my writing I have none.

What about you?

When I was a child I could wait for hours, because it was like a game for me. I had three other sisters who I was also completing with in my head. This pushed me to be a better person. I wish they didn’t live so far away.

So this weekend I plan on reading and doing more reviewing my second book in a series I have been working on for oh I don’t know about 8 years now. My sister also sent me a great idea for a novel as well. We’ll see how that goes. It’s a dark fantasy.

Dang It!!


So today it took me forever to get to the submissions page and I am not even sure that I uploaded my script. Oh well.

Reviews, reviews, and more reviews

Okay so this post is basically catching up on all the movies and new sitcoms that I am now obessesed with. Topping my list is the new show Alliegance! I love this show. First we are introduced to this CIA analysist whose at the top of his game. He’s assigned to a mission in his hometown of New York. We then meet with strange family whose part of the reformed KGB now the SVR. The son doesn’t know that his parents are Russian spies.

Here’s a look:

It’s so good!

Next is the new show called Secret and Lies! Okay so it stars Juliette Lewis and Ryan Phillipe. Neither one I can see on a sitcom, they are more movie actors/actresses. Right? Well so far we have a dead child and Ryan aka Ben is the prime suspect since he found the body. What I find interesting is that on SVU you never see the investigators hassling the person who finds the body. However, most of them don’t know the victim they find in SVU. Here’s a sneak peek:

Okay so I guess this is a remake series from Australian Television. Why aren’t we making our own TV series. Well that’s why I am going to submit a new series to a few script writing contest.

So that being said, I am moving away from this and going to talk about the movie Jupiter Ascending…all I can say is WOW!!! This movie was so bad. I mean lets start with Channing Tatum whose some kind of Lycan Human Hybrid, except the only thing Lycan about him is his sense of smell and sound. Oh and did I mention in the first fight scent the bullets/beams coming from his gun bark, but that’s it. It doesn’t happen again throughout the movie. As for Mila Kunis, her lines were down played and somewhat juvenile, she’s a great actress….I mean…seriously make her role more substantial. It was a huge let down from the creators of the Matrix.


So this past two weeks have been anything but fun. I found out that I have to get my tonsils out. This will hopefully alleviate my upper obstruction respiratory issue I have going on. This is going to mean a week or two off of work and then hopefully only a week with non solid foods. I plan on loosing some much needed weight. So we shall see.

Also I know I submitted work to three contest and heard nothing from any of the. I don’t expect to win anything. If I do that would be awesome, if not, it’s back to the drawing board. Speaking of contest, I recently ran across a contest provided by HBO. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out:HBO

In other news, I am applying for a different area of my job. It’s the insurance side, versus the billing side. Yes I will loose the protection of the union, but other than that…it’s the same location and I heard it’s better than that.

So what’s going on with you and your writing..


Contest Results!!

Contest Results!!

I would encourage anyone to try out this contest when it comes around again! It can’t hurt, it’s the first 250 words of your novel!

Re-capping the few weeks!!!

First and foremost I want to apologize to my readers for falling off the grid. I usually posted at work and staying true to the rules and values of corportate amercia they banned wordpress. Boo! I only used it during breaks and lunches. Okay well,it was so easy to post. Now it’s been removed. This means that I have to write blogs while I”m at work and then post them when I get home. If I remember. Thisi usually happens, but sometimes I forget my flash drive. Yes I still use them becuase skydrive is not accesible at work as well. 

Moving on, I am keepying up on my eating and exercise, well minuse today. it was a stress eating day, but it’s the first one I have had in a while, like two weeks. I had delicious pizza for super, paid entirely too much for it, but whatever. I bought some batteries to bring my scale back to life, now I can finally check into my new game of Dietbet. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s this awesome new app that you sign up and put forth 25.00 to loose ten pounds in a month. Last month I lost 11 and I only cut out junk and ate better. Everyone gets a cut of the pot if they succeed. It’s an awesome incentive. I gained 10.00 and that gave me a balance of $35.00 so I reinvested it into another game. Same rules except the pot is much bigger. Well being me I kept forgetting to buy batteries for my scale for  the last three days and so I am three days behind everyone else but I will conque this like I did the last one. I swear it. 

In writing news I received Chapter Twelve back of my commercial fiction novel about deranged rich people. But I also won a writing contest with the first 250 words from my NANO novel. It was an idea that I had been toying around with for sometime, but never took the time to write. It was perfect for NANO month. I wrote it and forgot about it. Then on a whim entered the first 250 words into a contest accompanied by $15. So my question is, does everyone win? I have never entered into a contest before. So it’s all pretty new to me. 

In school we finished To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. No matter how many times I read this book, it still gets better and better with time. Each time I read it something new appeals to me. This time I was outraged by the way that Jem and Scout were treated at school. Most teachers would be glad that their students can read and analyze the world around them, but not Scout’s teacher. This theme continues throughout her schooling. What do you think?

We are reading Rule of the Bone now, it’s pretty good, granted I am only on chapter three, but I have a pretty good idea about the main character named Chappie. It seems like it’s a good book thus far. 

I have also finished reading The Great Gatsby and even watched the movie. I don’t understand why people think they can recreate the magic of a book via the film. However i did like Leonardo Dicaprio as Gatsby. He does great in these types of films. By “these” films, I mean 1920’s and 1930’s. He’s an amazing actor and the same goes for Toby McGuire. Although he will always be Peter Parker to me. 

Okay so I am watching the walk of nations for the Winter Olympics, I am so excited. Russia is getting ready to take over. It’s such a an amazing honor to be a part of the team. Putin is standing there. I find it quite amusing that they are walking in to TATU’s Not going to Get us!  It’s kind of hilarious that they are so anti gay and that’s what fired their career. 

Well that’s all I got for now. Till then…Image

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