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Happy Birthday!!

It’s my birthday!! Woot Woot!! This is the first year that I feel somewhat accomplished. I am finishing my MA and just self published my book. How cool is that?

Woot woot!! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store. I am determined to keep my head up and I will succeed.

BTW if you haven’t had a chance to read my debut ebook, it’s Twisted Proposal by M.V. Miles and is on Amazon. I hear it’s a good read that keeps you intrigued!!!!

Feel free to share!!

Week 1 Sales 🙂 21 (I am okay with this).

final cover

Sunday’s Post

This is what I was going to post yesterday, butthe internet on the train sucked!

This past weekend I went to my sister’s house in Bloomington normal and spent a jam packed weekend celebrating her three kids birthday’s. I mean she has impeccable timing. They are all born three weeks apart in April into May. It’s crazy.

Here’s how it started. I packed on Friday night to get that over with then went to bed thinking my train left at 9am. I didn’t sleep particularly well, so I woke up and realized after checking my e ticket that my train left at 7:25. It was now 7”20 on my phone. So I threw on some clothes and rushed out the door. It was only by a mere blessing that the train waited for me. I don’t really think it waited for me, but still. It was nice that it was delayed for ten minutes.

I found a seat and then started my journey.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Kyla, Kyra, Jordon, and my sister Teyah. We trekked back to her car, which was at the last parking lot and in the last row. It was fun though to see the kids. They grow so fast. I was just there a month ago and I swear they are practically grown.

We get back to her house and I make lunch, or attempt to make lunch. I am not really good with the French frying thing. Before my sister went to the store she advised me to turn on the pot with the oil and throw in the fries. So that’s what I did. However, unbeknownst to me someone had pour purple Kool-Aid mix in the oil. The presented me with an odd strange gray colors fries that was super soggy.

GROSS!! So we ate bologna sandwiches, mini tacos, and green beans.

Then I took a nap. Or attempted to. I would wake to Jordan patting my head like a puppy and Kyra screaming about something. Needless to say I might have gotten ten minutes in. Then it was a mad scramble to clean the house and prepare for the sixteen kids that were coming over. Oh yeah and to hide the 258 eggs my sister had stuffed a few days ago. Have you ever tried to hide 258 eggs? It’s horrendous.

So it got to the point of me just tossing them out into a big filed. Yep that was it. They were dispersed.

So then the kids started to arrive along with one of my friends from high school. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I have a visual impairment that landed me at Illinois school for the visually impaired. I met a lot of people there who are still my friends today.

So she came over, she’s totally blind and I was her guide for the night. We ate, we talked, and ate and talked some more. She had filled an additional forty east eggs with candies. So I decided we weren’t going to hid those, just eat them I needed sugar.

Okay here’s a funny story for you. When I got to my sister’s house she told me there was soda in the fridge. So I went to the fridge and grabbed a blue can thinking it was Pepsi. I opened it and took a drink. A putrid sour taste filled my mouth. I told my sister that her Pepsi was seriously bad. Like ancient, but then she pointed out that I had in fact grabbed a beer. I looked at the can and she was right, and then it dawned on me that my sister doesn’t drink Pepsi, only Mountain Dew.

Back to the party. There was lots of kids and parents, which usually means drama of some sort. Yes there’s always drama when kids and parents get together. Someone always thinks they can do it better.

So I tried to help my sister out and pass out glow bands for her glow in the dark tag and such. It was a mad house. I don’t know how she pulled it off, but by 11pm I was done. The kids had warn me down with questions and my high school friends were gone. This meant sleep for me.

I woke up and watched the kids open their Easter basket, the oldest complaining that she wanted the fake guitar her sister got and I realized something.

This is the most I had ever spent with my sister and her family. It was nice. I wish they had a train to see my mom. I would go there more, I think.

Well Happy Easter to everyone. I hope it was a hoppity one.!

Never Let me Go on a Wednesday Night

Good Evening folks, 

Please read my previous post that the lovely Emily wrote on Girl activism, then read this. They have nothing in common. 

This post is about the movie Never Let Me Go. It’s a futuristic movie centered around if we all had clones. What happens is when you need something like a new liver, hear, leg, brain, blood, your clone provides this so you can live longer. When you are a clone your life will be spent serving your alter.  it follows the story of three people from children to adults. 

The movie starts with the three friends as children and follows them to adulthood. it goes through the trials and tribulations that their 2nd rate life has to offer. 

It’s based off of a book which I have yet to read, but want to.  I feel this is the best movie Carey Mulligan has ever done. Kiera Knightly as well. So if you in the mood for a sad movie, then this is the one for you. 


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