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Checking In!!

Good Read Reviews

OMGosh, so I had forgotten that I had a goodreads page sand turns out that I have 14 ratings!!!!! How cool is that!!!

I have 12 ratings on Amazon!!

Thank you if any of you reading wrote me a review!! Good or bad. it’s important that you took the time out of your schedules to read something I wrote. It’s very cool!!!

In other news I have decide to try and train my cat to walk outside on a harness…he’s now moving more than a few inches at a time. So I take this as progress.

I will post pics later.

Today I am focusing on getting everything ready for the upcoming week.

I am working on a small giveaway for my readers. Three gift cards to be exact. How cool is that?

Also I have been working on book 2 in the Twisted series and lined up an editor for the Girl in Bangkok!! Things are picking up.

What are you doing this weekend?


Friday Fun day

Cat pics!! Dog pic!!


Friday Fun day

Cat pics!! Dog pic!!


Moving Day!!!

Good morning all,
Moving day is here and I have been given the task of keeping the cat from driving everyone crazy with his cries! I have had multiple conversations about us moving and he’s apparently forgot or has chosen to. Either way I’m stuck in the bathroom with a dog with nervous farts and a 15 pound cat! Well at least I can catch up on my blogs!!


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