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The Revenant, a review

If Leo doesn’t get an academy award for this movie, I’m done with Hollywood. This movie brought me back to the same time that I watched Dances with Wolves, with Kevin Costner. Couple in the vicious raw video footage of….a gruesome bear attack. It’s so intense, but well shot.

It was gritty in all the right places and reminded me again of what the human body is capable of if the will is strong enough. It was also a harsh reminder of the strain relationships between the Native Americans and the white man.

Even though I am thankful for everything I have, a house I rent, the job I loathe, the car that I pay too much for….but all of it…all of it wouldn’t have been possible if the Europeans didn’t lay the framework. I can’t help but wonder if our world wouldn’t be where it is now if instead of killing the Native Americans and Bison, if the Europeans, Spaniards, and whoever else tromped onto America’s soil would have found a way to be friends.. What would have happened if we would have co-existed? Would there be millions of years left? Enough food to go around? Less crime? Less…hatred? This lingered in the back of my head, but it came and went as the movie played out on the screen.

When the credits rolled I was left with the same feeling as Inception. I didn’t know what to think. The one feeling I remember was a strong sense of depression. Depression in that the main characters plight was met with…such bitter sweetness. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen it.

It’s a great movie!! I grimaced, felt like crying, gawked at the ceiling, and felt sick. I love movies that take me on a wild ride and like I said at the beginning, he had better win an Oscar.

Q is for Quentin

Good Morning,

I do apologize for not posting yesterday for theA to Z challenge, but here is the blog I was going to post.

We are up to the infamous Q. There aren’t many films that start with the letter Q, so instead I am going to talk about my favorite director that starts with the letter Q.

Quentin Tarantino(Check Spelling).

The first movie I saw of his was Pulp Fiction. Wow! It was gory, had action, and yes even some witty lines. It was then that I decided that if Samuel L Jackson ever read the bible on audio book I would have no choice but to follow. The man has a very convicning voice!

Then there’s John Travolta. I never expected him snorting coke. I mean he’s fricken Grease Lightening.

So if you’ve seen it what do you think?

Another one of my favorites is Inglorious Bastards, you know the one where Brad Pitt plays an American soldier with a huge southern accents and he’s all about killing Nazis? It’s not the acting that I like in this film, it’s the cinematography. I love the setting and the way that the camera captures everything around the actors/actress. Even though the story is NOT historically accurate, it was a good idea. I mean apparently there are tones of movies about Nazis. Weird  right? That’s what I thought.

I think people just don’t understand how something like that could happen. I’ll tell you how, bitches be trippin!! Yes, people are crazy and susceptible to persuasion. It’s hard to stand up for what you believe in. 

I feel that Mr. Tarantino aims to surprise and gross you out by blood and gore. Does anyone know if he has a zombie flick yet? Oh yah he does that one with Rose McGowan. Amazing, just amazing work. 

So all in all you should pick up a film of his and get away from this ting we call reality for a while. 

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