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What Dreams May Come!

That’s the theme I am going to have for the next twelve months. I am going to do things more passionately! In the past set concrete goals and tried to keep myself on a strict schedule. That’s not going to happen this year. I am going to let go of the things that I have held on for far too long. I am going to explore new things and ideas. I am going to write more of what i want and do research on self-publishing my first novel.  Just as a teaser it’s called Jaded Proposal. Enjoy!. 

In other news I hope to get married on 12-13-14 of this year. Now no one steal my date. LOL. I”m sure it’s already been taken, but I want to join in with the flock. It would be fun. 

Book one down of the new year, Fallen Crest High, by Tijan, it’s better damn awesome! If you love drama, drama, and more drama, you need to read it. ImageImagewriting, 

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