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Stress Eating

The other day after a heated argument between my partner and I, I found myself sitting on the couch eating a Coconut cream pie. Yes the pie, I didn’t bother with cutting just one piece, but literally y popped the top off of the pie and grabbed a fork. It was open season. Poor pie, I killed it. It wasn’t until my partner removed the pie tin from my hands that I felt the reality of my situation. For one my stomach hurt and then there’s all that sugar….talk about a sugar high. More like a sugar headache for me.  I went to bed and stayed there for the rest of the night.

Why did I do that?

Emotional eating. I was in distress due to the argument and it wasn’t even over anything bad. Good lord if it were something serious I am pretty sure Jack n the Box would have my life savings.

But the point of this post is that emotional eating is a real thing and I have it…errr do it…

So …..I guess I need to work on that…


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  1. You’re not alone. We turn to food because we think that we can’t possibly survive the feeling that we’re feeling, that eating the food will feel better than the feeling we’re having at the moment – so we eat to numb out from it! Of course, we feel even worse after! The good news is that you are aware that you are doing it – that’s one early step towards changing it. One thing to try is to notice which feelings/situations your instinct is to reach for food – get to know them and then practice letting the feeling just be (which really means do nothing!). Stay in it. Most feelings are just vibrations that we feel somewhere in the body and they will pass through faster than we think. If you can let the feeling run it’s course, you’ll come out the other end having #1 “survived” the feeling and #2 not eaten to numb it. This of course, takes a lot of practice and perseverance – but you have the awareness of your habit, which is step 1. It gets easier over time as you learn (through experience) that the negative feelings we have are only temporary. Best of luck!

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